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  1. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Any one have an accu strut. Any preference to the 4 or 6 inch . The shorter has one clamp the longer has 2 Would love to hear your thoughts
  2. Semi-Auto Rifles
    I want to purchase a 10 round legal mag . Prefer Tapco if it exists or OEM. im skeptical on buying a pro mag brand i checked the usual cheaper than dirt, target sports mid use nothing but 30 rd I really want a 30 but us NYers are getting the short end of the stick any input welcome
  3. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Hi everyone, I wanted to share my new Mini-14 build. I had it built by Carl from accuracy Systems out in Colorado. If I can remember correctly I started off with a NY compliant Model 5855 blued Mini-14 with the 5 round mags then added these mods: Real wood American Walnut stock Upgraded hammer...
  4. Semi-Auto Rifles
    I decided to keep my Tactical Mini 14 in NC and not ship it back up to NY (The Safe State), so I went out and bought a new one, I'll be doing some work on it over the next week and will post some photos when I'm done, I appreciate the advice I got from you guys regarding the shipment of an...
  5. Gear Discussion
    I would like to get a few Ruger Mini 14 Magazines (.223),contact me in a private message please.
  6. Semi-Auto Rifles
    I found this 10 round magazine for my Mini14 (.223) in my equipment bag today that I had purchased on-line from Ruger about 4 years ago,I opened the package and noticed it didn't look quite the same as the 5 round magazine and it did not seat properly in the magazine well,take a look and tell me...
  7. Newbie's Unite!
    Hi folks, Forgive me, I'm new to rifle ownership. I have a Savage 223 that I love and am looking to get something with a bit more "kick". That being said I'm interested in the mini 30 but I keep hearing mixed things about its legality in NY. Is the 5 round ranch version legal? According to...
  8. Semi-Auto Rifles
    mini 14 flash hider legal in ny?
  9. Semi-Auto Rifles
    What's the best way to make the trigger group fit properly? Most of the reviews say the newer models of the Mini 14 say it has larger fingers in the Mag well, that make it necessary to either shave the metal or the stock.
  10. Open Firearm Discussions
    Are semi auto mini guns legal?
  11. Gear Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone has any experience using the DeSantis mini scabbard holster. I like its minimalist approach, however, I'm wondering how it will do holding on to a 4.25" Ruger 1911. I really don't want this thing flopping around.
  12. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Bought a new Mini 14, Ranch, with a wooden stock. I thought I was buying a cal. .223. The end of the receiver is stamped 5.56 NATO. Does that mean it can fire either or .223 / 5.56 ? The tag in the store on the rifle said .223 . The end of the box says 5.56 NATO. The salesman I spoke to last...
  13. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Thinking about a Ruger Mini 30. Anyone own one and can comment on the type of ammo you use? Cheap Russian vs American brass? Would I be better off with a 14 in 223? Thanks.
  14. Vendor Deals
    We just received three of the new Mini 14 Ranch rifles in 300 Black out. These are blued frame and barrel with black poly stock and two 10 round magazines. NY state compliant. $799.95
  15. Knives / Swords
    Who's got one? Thoughts?
  16. Semi-Auto Rifles
    I ran across this... http://www.shootingtimes.com/historical/history-of-the-ruger-mini-14/
  17. Semi-Auto Rifles
  18. Open Firearm Discussions
    Got My mini 14 month ago. I used 5 round ruger factory mags, I used tulamo 223 steel case and reman 223 brass Issue #1: Inserted the magazine then released the bolt. The bolt would not close, looks like can't push the round into the chamber fully, so I had to pulled the bolt and released...
  19. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Hey guys No secret that the mini 30 has issues with soft strikes on the russian ammo. Can anyone recommend a gunsmith who would be able to perform the work in the attached youtube vid? Also what should this run me? Thanks
  20. Optics
    So my eyes tell me I need to put optics on this Mini. Lots of conflicting stuff on the Interwebz surrounding Ruger mounts. This is not ever going to be a tack driver, but I'd hate to err for the sake of a few bucks. Using OEM Ruger mounts, buying a set of rings and viola. Any opinions from...
1-20 of 141 Results