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  1. Chit-Chat
    "New York invented Christmas. Washington Irving turned a bishop into St. Nick. Clement Moore gave him reindeer. Madison Square Park hosted the first communal Christmas tree, in 1912 (later moved to Rockefeller Center). But few remember John Duval Gluck, who popularized another bit of modern...
  2. Open Shout Out!
    John Kerry announces we will be receiving new residents for our country soon with even more coming after the initial wave. Not only will your new neighbors not speak the language, don't like Americans nor the way we live, they come with absolutely nothing in the way of education or skills but...
  3. Pets Pets Pets
    This is my new girl, Jessie. She is a Puggle mix and very sweet. I look forward to giving her a beautiful life. So, here she is...
  4. Out of State Crimes
    A U.S. Army veteran confronts a would-be robber, beats him up, films it, and sets it to music. Millions of modern veterans have returned home from the complexities of war in Iraq and Afghanistan with incredible experiences and skills. For some veterans, particularly those in specialties like...
  5. Law Enforcement
    Lets start it up. Anyone have a date in mind? Paul
  6. Open Shout Out!
    On Sunday Sept. 28. https://www.facebook.com/events/1526827560887189/?notif_t=plan_user_invited
  7. Open Shout Out!
    Got this emailed to me today: Team Astorino Update Meet the team at one of our Regional Volunteer Meetings, and find out how you can help Rob put NY back in the winning column! LONG ISLAND: Wednesday, 9/10 at 7pm. Brookhaven GOP Headquarters, 1980 Route 112, Suite 1, Coram, NY, 11727 WESTERN...
  8. Open Shout Out!
    Meet the Candidate Rob Astorino Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 6:30pm - 8:00pm at Loyal Order of Moose Lodge,883 S.Broadway, Lindenhurst
  9. Pets Pets Pets
    Meet Odie. We rescued a German Shepherd Dog from down south, around 4 years old. He arrived this past Saturday. We got this little guy from a rescue org. in Ga. It's run by a guy who is a retired Air Force dog handler. He was found wandering the streets of Mississippi. Malnourished, 45 pounds...
  10. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
    Meet the Gunner's Mate (VIDEO) 6/04/14 | by Max Slowik Shotgun shells can be tricky to handle. Whether you're busting clays or running and gunning, or just spending some time in the field, the size, shape and weight of shells can really slow you down. There are many shell carriers on...
  11. Law Enforcement
    OK screw the Foxy Boxing, let's go with something more "classy," Hooters or BWW. I'm thinking Fri 5/30 or Fri 6/6. Anyone?
  12. Law Enforcement
    Billy DeansCan you attend?Yes990.00%No110.00%Which date works best?Friday April 25th646.15%Friday May 2nd753.85%
  13. Law Enforcement
    What date works best?Friday 3/7212.50%Friday 3/1416.25%Friday 3/21637.50%All dates work for me!743.75%
1-14 of 42 Results