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  1. Long Island Crimes
  2. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    Hi all. Happy Friday. I went down to Medford range today after work. 5ish. Wanted to dial in a cheap scope I picked up for my Ruger 22. Anthony was the range officer. Second time I met him. Very nice guy. I was all alone In there. I was on paper from the bore scope I used so that was nice. Took...
  3. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    I'm looking to head over there some time around noon tomorrow, is anyone looking to go?
  4. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    Is anyone going to Medford tomorrow? I'm going to be heading over there late morning/early afternoon.
  5. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    I am thinking about hitting the Medford Shooting Range after work tomorrow (6-6:30p 'ish) for the first time. Anything I should know about beforehand? I have never been there, so am not sure what to expect or if I need to bring anything special. I have heard mixed reviews, but just wanted to try...
  6. Gun Shows
    The range instructor in Medford was let go yesterday. I was surprised. He was (I thought at least) good. The class I took with him in June was great, I got a lot out of it.
  7. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    I'm a new shooter. Thinking about heading to Medford today. Hopefully it's not too crowded.
  8. Chit-Chat
    Today - Residents head out for Patchogue-Medford school budget revote http://longisland.news12.com/news/residents-head-out-for-patchogue-medford-school-budget-revote-1.10548815
  9. Chit-Chat
    Had a brief conversation with the range officer at the Medford range the other day. He brought out a point that I never previously realized. The vast majority of gun related criminal charges are plea bargained into oblivion. In most cases, the actual crime charge remains, but the gun charges...
  10. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    I took an NRA gun course today at the range in Medford, NY. The instructor really went out of his way to impart his knowledge and critique my stance and grip as well as little things like which eye I'm dominant with (Very surprisingly it is the left, and I'm right handed) He adjusted my grip and...
  11. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    Wife is out with the dog at a dog rescue function all day in Oyster Bay at the arboretum... had a chance to run to the range! Nice and quiet while I was there... maybe two other shooters... Finally had a chance to shoot my G21 for this first time. Was not sure what to expect since I had...
  12. Chit-Chat
    Today Newsday reported that the OTB will not work with local officials on the Medford casino plans. There will be no more consultation with Suffolk County or Brookhaven town officials; there will be no local supervision or input...
  13. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    I went to the Medford range for the first time this morning. It is much cleaner and a much better experience than I've had at LISC. They even had soap and paper towels in the bathroom. It was a very pleasant experience. Looking forward to repeat visits with friends, All the best.
  14. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    Anyone thinking of going to Medford on Tuesday 1/13? Thinking about going around 1 pm ish.
  15. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    First time I ever had to wait! Place is mobbed.
  16. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    Leaving in a few minutes, if anyone wants to hang. Desert camp hat.
  17. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    Went to Medford range tonight(10/28). Nothing like some of the stories I've come across. All the points were working, friendly staff. Ventilation could be a little better I guess. All lanes were being used when I got there. Once a few cleared up, air quality was fine. Definitely going back...
1-17 of 43 Results