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  1. Semi-Auto Handguns
    I bought this byf 44 t block Mauser P38 upstate a couple of weeks ago. Did the SCPD paper work and went up this weekend to pick it up. All original finish, very little wear, matching numbers and magazine, non Russian capture, no import marking. It came with a Luger holster and takedown tool. If...
  2. Bolt Action Rifles
    So, I bought a nice surplus 8mm FN mauser. All looked good until I checked the head spacing ... It was terrible, the bolt handle stays vertical ... Took it appart it turns out soneone just screwed in a german k98 barrel in. I need to fix it now. I'm not into machining the barrel at all, I'm just...
  3. Milsurp Rifles
    Appreciate any recommendations and/or advice for scoping a WW2 Mauser. Has anyone used the services of a professional gunsmith? Thanks in advance.
  4. Milsurp Rifles
    My Mauser doesn't have the spring or pin to remove the front band. I tried pulling it off but it doesn't budge. Any advice on how to remove the stock? Is it possible? How much force should it take to pull it off? I am thinking that the release broke and someone might of glued the front on.
  5. Milsurp Rifles
    I am having some trouble getting my bolt foward. Any help will be appreciated.
  6. Bolt Action Rifles
    Need your collective help....a close family member asked me to help research this gun (see pics). It's a Mauser - I know nothing about Mausers and I am hoping to get your help on identifing the year, worth and any other information I can learn about this really cool rifle. It's in good...
  7. Milsurp Rifles
    Anybody know of any local shops that have Mauser's? Looking to add a K98 to my collection, would prefer a non Russian capture one. Thanks.
  8. Vendor Deals
    Look at this beauty... PRE-OWNED FIREARMS Turkish M-48 Mauser - 8mm Excellent Condition $295.00 Jerry's Firearms & Supplies - Bohemia, NY p: 631-410-4473 e: [email protected]
  9. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Found this last evening when called to a client's home about a recent death in the family. They advised that there is a gun in the drawer. They wouldn't go near it. Took it out, took a couple of photos, locked it and brought it to local police department for safekeeping until estate...
  10. Milsurp Rifles
    I will say after setting up the iron sights on the sweed m-96/38 at 100 yards all I needed was to order a taller front sight,The gun now shoots the first bottom mark on the circle rear sight that is at 200 meters (I Think) . 217 yards I have it set up shooting 1" high at the 100 group size 5"...
  11. Milsurp Rifles
    Just got this off a trade from Gunboards. Its a nice Yugo M48, even came with the Bayonet. Thought I'd share...
  12. Milsurp Rifles
    So I have an m24/47 yugo mauser. It's a cool rifle, but I'm not very impressed with the stock. I stained it before literally 10 times because I wasn't happy with it because the wood grain was ugly. For some odd reason, the second to last time I got the stain perfect and then I put on a sealer...
  13. Bolt Action Rifles
    Saw this deal online and it peaked my interest. After doing a little research some people are stating that these rifles weren't intended to fire .308 and can't handle the higher pressure. Many people say that they're fine. Anyone have one? What was your experience with it? Thanks...
  14. Semi-Auto Handguns
    I've always loved Lugers. They have a very unique design and is one of the most easilly recognized guns in the world. They certainly aren't perfect, especially where military use is concerned due to their very close tolerances and poor sights, but man they sure are pretty and when kept clean and...
  15. Milsurp Rifles
    I picked up a k98 for dirt cheap on gunbroker a few weeks ago. It has a Lyman rear peep site and sporterized front sight. I finally finished cleaning it up and would like to set it in a new sporter stock. Any recommendations?
  16. Bolt Action Rifles
    The other day I took apart my 90-year old Yugo Mauser and dropped the barreled-action into a new ATI stock. I already had a long-eye relief scope and an M1907 sling on the old stock so I swapped that out and added a UTG Tactical bi-pod (seems as good as the Harris for $32!) and I did some...
  17. Milsurp Rifles
    I was telling my wife and kids today the story of how German war surplus wound up arming the Israel Defense Forces, and they all agreed that an Israeli Mauser would be a really cool piece of history for our family to own. Anyone have one in the safe they want to part with, or know of any...
  18. Milsurp Rifles
    I have seen a lot of these rifles latley selling for cheap. (~$160). They are chambered in 308 and are usually in great condition. Whats the catch?
1-18 of 40 Results