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  1. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    Via Mike @ Freeport: At Freeport R/R Aug-28 uspsa match. Start time 8-am. Setup for this match Aug-27 At 1pm. That means u come down and help setup u can shoot the match that day. We are using 4 stages from the area 8 match a one classifier. If u are going to shoot the match. E-mail your full...
  2. Competition Corner
    Hoping I don't get in trouble for this. But, just so interested people know, information about this Sunday's shotgun steel match, and match info in general, can be found on the 'other' Long Island forum. If you know where that is, great, if not I'm sure you can find out. Hoping for good...
  3. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    There is an IPDA match this Sunday, the 10th, at Freeport. Start time is 8am. Email Mike ([email protected]) before Thursday with your info (name, division, type of gun, etc...)
  4. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    I saw this on the board and heard about it: At Freeport R/R July 3 Uspsa big bang match. Start time 8-am . Setup for this match is July-2 at 2pm. This means guys u come down and help setup help setup u can shoot the match that day. Bring 150 rds. If u plan and shoot the match. Please e-mail...
  5. Pellet / Airsoft / Airguns / Paintball Discussions
    We are hosting our second match and the last match in the northeast before the CROSMAN - CAAFTC 2016 AAFTA Regional. the long range weather is looking good. If you would like to shoot it but don't have an air rifle let me know I have a few loaners for you to use DATES: Saturday 7-02-16...
  6. Competition Corner
    Looking at the information for last year's BoB match, it says "M1 Carbines will be restricted to 10 rounds in the magazine" - does that mean in competition 15 rounders can be loaded to 10? Planning on attending with a friend and his 1944 Inland. He's got plenty of 15-round mags, but only one...
  7. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Could anyone provide some information(cost? #of rounds?member only? / etc.)about the trap match held once a month at LIPSA.I have tried the contact but keep getting a mailer demon. Thank you
  8. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    I want to thank the Freeport club and Mike for running their matches,. I had a lot of fun today attending my first idpa style match. Great crowd, and some impressive shooting, but not from me. -Paul
  9. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    At Freeport R/R uspsa match April 30 and May 1. Setup for this match is on April 30 at 1:30 . That means guys u come down and help setup u can shoot the match that day. Start time on May 1 8-am. Guys this is a five stage match so bring 150 rds. If u are going to shoot the match please email...
  10. Competition Corner
    There is a 22 match coming up at LIPSA in July , can you shoot both rifle and pistol and are there 2 seperate fees?
  11. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    From Mike H.: Mike's email is: [email protected] IDPA matches tend to be a bit more newbie friendly due to the lower round counts, and only needing three total mags. You can get away with one double mag pouch, as you will start with the third one in the gun. If you're thinking about it, come...
  12. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    Well I finally have a morning coming up where I can go shoot a match if there is one. Anyone know if there is a pistol match at Freeport this Sunday, 4/10? Thanks, Vick
  13. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    USPSA match at Freeport R&R, Sunday, April 3. Start time 8 am. Setup for this match is on April-2 at 2pm. That means guys you can shoot the match that day if come down and help setup. Not sure of the round count. Bring 150 rds and 4 mags. Also if are going to shoot the match, please email your...
  14. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    I was looking at the schedule at LIPSA and found that the Band of Brothers match was moved from April to June. A little FYI for my Garand peeps out there.
  15. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    Just a reminder that the steel challenge match registration opens at 9 am. lipsa.us Come out and see just how bad you are...
  16. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    Match # 1 of the 2016 Long Island High Power Rifle League will be held on Saturday March 19 at the Peconic River Sportsman's Club. Squadding is from 07:00 - 07:45 and the match will begin promptly at 08:00. All current NRA H.P. rules apply. The 2016 match schedule is attached for your reference.
  17. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    https://lipsa.us/event/details/21/ Event Type USPSA Match Start Date 3/20/2016 9:00 AM Organizer: Rick E. Stages View stage descriptions: https://lipsa.us/eve...description/21/ Registration Click here to register: https://practiscore....-match/register Description 7 stages (including 1...
  18. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    This coming Sunday, 03/13 https://lipsa.us/event/ Sign up at 9:00 The trimag clips from Ruger should delivered today.
1-20 of 232 Results