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  1. Semi-Auto Rifles
    I want to purchase a 10 round legal mag . Prefer Tapco if it exists or OEM. im skeptical on buying a pro mag brand i checked the usual cheaper than dirt, target sports mid use nothing but 30 rd I really want a 30 but us NYers are getting the short end of the stick any input welcome
  2. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
    For more information: https://read.automag.com/
  3. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Are guns that have a bullet button / fixed magazine such as this one http://www.basspro.com/Smith-&-Wesson-M&P15-Sport-Rifle-with-Fixed-Magazine-and-Bullet-Button/product/1108301792305/ Legal according to the SAFE act?
  4. AR Rifles
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  5. Bolt Action Rifles
    Looking to start doing some traveling for moose and elk. I have a 3006. So I don't think a 300 win mag is worth it. So I decided to start looking for a .338 win mag. Does anyone own one? What do you recommend? Savage? Thompson center? Not looking to spend a crazy amount. Thanks
  6. AR Rifles
    hello, now to the forums and new to building AR's. my plan is to make one with a fixed mag i have bought everything needed as well as a bullet button. what have you guys done to make it "Legal"? i head to JB weld it, any other suggestions
  7. AR Rifles
    So after doing a good amount of research about NYS complaint ars I decided to go with dark storm industries ds15 fixed mag. I got the moe model. I'm glad a company like DSI is willing to go through all the effort to make something we can actually own in ny so that's why I went with them and...
  8. Open Firearm Discussions
    I looked at Cuomo's Safe Act web page and noticed that it indicates the 7 round restriction is still in place unless you are actually at a target range. I thought the 7 round limitation was overturned in court. Is the web site correct?
  9. Revolvers Handguns
    Stopped by DSI yesterday to make my final payment on my Founding Fathers range membership and wound up buying a nice used Ruger GP100 they had in the case. Came in the original box and with a holster. Did the shuffle today and brought her home. Very happy with it, it's my first Ruger handgun. +1...
  10. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Catastrophic Weapon Malfunction - Taurus Fires All By Itself, Empties Entire Mag By Shaking! Read more at http://weaponsmedia.com/catastrophic-weapon-malfunction-taurus-fires-all-by-itself-empties-entire-mag-by-shaking/
  11. AR Rifles
    Quick question for you guys. I have an ar15 I built 2 years ago and I added an armaglock mag lock at the time. Just to be safe I want to add the washer you guys have mentioned to make it more of a permanent fix. Can anyone tell me how and were to install the washer.Thanks
  12. AR Rifles
    I'm thinking about going that route. Can you load the fixed mag from a stripper clip?
  13. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Here is a pretty cool magazine for a fixed magazine 10/22. There are a bunch of ways to load it so skip to the 2:20 mark to see what I mean. All you need to do is load up a bunch of Rib Clips and switch it out.
  14. AR Rifles
    Hello, Looking for some help on options. Im looking for an AR that will realistically be 80% for the range, and 20% used for hunting deer. I was looking at a .308 since I figured it would be a better round for both (and to go along with my .308 Savage Axis). My questions are: 1- Does anyone...
  15. Semi-Auto Rifles
    I'd like to purchase an M1A, it looks like KGB tactical's fixed mag trigger group is the way to go. Has anyone purchased one of these? Any issues? Secondly how does this work now with the safe act? Does the FFL need to install the trigger group prior to sale? OR does it require a trip to...
  16. AR Rifles
    I've been out of the loop for the past year or so. Didn't pay much attention to anything ar related. So what's out there? Besides jb welding the mag release. My again about fixed mags was anyways what do you do if it jams and you can't separate the upper from the lower? Are there any...
  17. Revolvers Handguns
    Bought another .357 magnum the other day, S&W model 19-5. Changed the grips to wood, I like that look better. Should be hitting the range tomorrow.
  18. Other Rifles
    I have been checking out the Rossi M92 .357 Mag / .38 Special Just like lever guns. I can't find the answer to my question, Would anyone know if it will handle the .38+P round? not as a steady diet but "just in case" I have some old Police carry stuff that I would like to use in an emergency...
  19. AR Rifles
    Anybody have a source for basic replacements? Not looking for magpuls. Just want to replace some of the super soft ones that came on some panic bought cheapies. Brownells has a 10 pack for $8.99, but $7.95 to ship seems a bit excessive.
  20. Competition Corner
    I'm just putting this out there with low expectations and I realize its a long shot but at one of the 22 matches, I'm thinking the one from last fall, I lent a magazine for a M&P 15-22 to someone with a red follower. I cant find it anywhere and I was suddenly reminded me I may have lent it out...
1-20 of 165 Results