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  1. Car / Truck talk
    Anyone have one of these tools to lend. Long story, just gotta get one lug nut off of my Jeep.
  2. AR Rifles
    Looks like a good deal. Don't have to worry about threads or the lug. $229 no bcg or charging handle http://palmettostate...tm_medium=email
  3. NYC and NY State Crimes
    What's next? http://nypost.com/20...sible-sabotage/
  4. Milsurp Rifles
    Can anyone point me in the direction of getting a new recoil lug assembly for my SKS. I am sanding down and refinishing the stock. Numrich is sold out and everything i see on google is out or don't carry it. THANKS
  5. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Do we need to remove the bayonet lug on an SKS to be unSAFE compliant? I would say no since it has a "fixed mag" & therefore does not qualify for the feature test for an AW. Edit: Since the SKS CAN BE converted to a detachable mag does that have any bearing on the answer??
  6. AR Rifles
    Do I have to shave down a bayonet lug and how? If I buy an upper from someone how do I know it's pure an or not?
1-6 of 6 Results