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  1. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Dude taking payments to expedite permits and officers reassigned. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/nypd-probe-ensnares-man-charging-expedite-gun-permits-article-1.2605726
  2. Jokes and more Jokes!
    So don't go buying any green bananas.
  3. AR Rifles
    Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, and DSI i was really surprised of what she presented to me for Xmas. She bought me a DS-9 lower, stripped upper, Bolt Carrier Group, and a magazine for it. I can't tell you how excited I am to build this. A little nervous since I'm no that familiar with 9mm...
  4. AR Rifles
    http://algdefense.com/alg-combat-trigger-act.html Description: The ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT) is designed for those shooters where tradition, value and regulatory concerns are of primary importance. The pull of the ACT is very similar to a standard mil-spec trigger, however it is...
  5. Open Firearm Discussions
    Looks like Fox & Friends Pushing "Smart" Guns They have a segment coming up in a few minutes - Cablevision channel 26
  6. Open Firearm Discussions
    For Glocks, x-D and 1911's. It says BATF considers it an accessory, but I bet its a no-go here... http://www.mechtechsys.com/index.php
  7. Veterans and Military
    Not for the faint of heart, but I was rolling by the end..... "Case Study" Ramadi: A Ranger Looks Back http://www.havokjournal.com/culture/case-study-ramadi-a-ranger-looks-back/
  8. Competition Corner
    really seems like this will be a fun match. a lot of shooting check it out at the lipsa website
  9. Long Island Crimes
    Trending on Facebook: https://local.nixle.com/alert/5426494/
  10. Semi-Auto Rifles
    So it chose to make itself look a little sexier! http://www.shootingillustrated.com/mobile/blog.php?id=34716&cid=858 CMMG Introduces the MK47 Mutant Rifle CMMG introduces a new line of AR-15-pattern rifles chambered in 7.62x39 mm and accepting AK-47-pattern magazines. by SI Staff December...
  11. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I wouldn't be seen dead in that! Mummies dug up for a change of wardrobe http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2193132/Mummies-dug-change-wardrobe.html
  12. Terrorist Talk
    http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/10/06/blast-at-military-explosives-facility-in-iran-kills-2/ Blast at military explosives facility in Iran kills 2 Published October 06, 2014 FoxNews.com Facebook46 Twitter187 livefyre37 Email Print Two workers are dead after a fire and explosion at a...
  13. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    I don't know if anyone has seen this, but figure I'd post it anyway. http://www.whittakerguns.com/
  14. Pump Shotguns
    Not a lot of info to be had yet, but, I stumbled upon this while cruising a firearm blog I frequent this morning. Appears to be a double barrel, pump action, bullpup 12ga with a 16 round capacity. Also appears to be NY legal as it has two seven round magazines...although it resembles a pulse...
  15. Long Island Crimes
    Call me paranoid but I think I caught 2 azzhats casing my house this afternoon. I got up from the john and happened to glance out the bathroom window. I see this older Mercury pull over on the side of the road in front of the lot next to me. This lot looks like its part of my property. Two...
  16. Jokes and more Jokes!
    Is it too early in the morning for this? Especially after last nights Twilight Zone threads?
1-18 of 48 Results