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  1. Hunting - Open Discussions
    For turkey season I bought my GF an old 20 gauge shotgun with a 2.75 chamber. got a good deal on it and its in great shape, but now i cant find any 20 gauge 2.75" turkey load. Does anyone know if any company even makes it? thanks!
  2. Jokes and more Jokes!
    New load for fighting ISIS ...
  3. Veterans and Military
    Turn up your volume. Song is sung to the tune "King of the Road"
  4. Hunting - Open Discussions
    I want to try out my new-to-me Ruger .44 carbine this year during the regular season. Max yardage would be 100. I'm new to the caliber and basically don't have the time to start working up a hand load. What's good from the factory?
  5. Reloading
    After loading 1500 rounds of 230gr rn it's time to start playing around with 200 grain swc. I guess it's all the wadcutters I've shot in wheelguns but I love those little hole punchers. I'm fortunate that my 5" springfield loaded eats them so now I'm going to put together a target load. Any one...
  6. Reloading
    While I know that there is no real need to load these projectiles for several reasons, I was just having fun trying to find a mix that would get decent results with ss109 heads. Test rifle was a totally bad a**, babykillin, felony committing AR 15 with a 20" barrel. In my rifle, with my...
  7. Reloading
    Well I just bought my first .44 mag and will start reloading this caliber due to the cost effectiveness, and it's just plain fun. Looking for recommendations on projectiles, was going with a .240 gr. LSWC but worried a little about leading in a new gun. Trying to keep the cost down, was going...
  8. Reloading
    I don't know if this is new (the MidSouth Shooters Catalog indicates it is), but Hornady has a deluxe electronic control panel for the Lock-N-Load progressive press that: "Includes: Digital Readout Panel Wire Harness Cycle Counter Primer Slide Sensor Powder Safeguard Die...
  9. Reloading
    If anyone has an accurate load developed for a 70 grain Barnes tacX in .223 PM me with it. No third hand info please, If you yourself have used it or developed it then I'm all ears. Preferably using AR comp, Varget, RL 15 but willing to listen to others. thank you.
  10. Reloading
    Up to now, I've only loaded rifle: 8mm Mauser, .303 British, 6.5 Swede and 30-40 Krag. I've been loading for paper, just above starting loads, and accuracy has been satisfactory. I shoot off the bench so I'm fairly confident of my marksmanship. Now, however, I've begun to load .38 special and...
  11. Reloading
    So I am going to start reloading pistol for the first time and need help from the pros. I am using 100 gr Berrys plated RNFB bullets, federal small pistol primers and unique powder. What are your recommended loads. P.S. I have three load manuals and none of them have load data for 100 gr...
  12. Reloading
    can't seem to find any reloading powder for 9mm. found this load data on hoydens site. anyone ever use it thanks
  13. Reloading
    I just read this. Sad to see the wasteful ways of the government. http://www.stripes.c...ellant-1.323294 MINDEN, La. - Members of Louisiana's congressional delegation are asking the Environmental Protection Agency for assurances that the open burn method for artillery propellant planned at...
  14. Hunting - Open Discussions
    I just ran across this on Twitter. Www.hevishot.com/media/letter_to_our_consumers_11-20-14.pdf. I need to check my ammo????
  15. Digital Connection (computers / phones / tablets)
    I need some IT help please. My son's computer won't load Windows 7. Apparently it just happened this morning & he just now told me. It boots up & then goes right into Start Up Repair...which fails. We've tried Last Known Good...same issue. I've tried 3 different older restore points...same...
  16. Reloading
    Scope Saves Owner from Improper Powder Load Vortex Optics has posted up a picture on their Facebook page of a catastrophic detonation in a rifle where their optic saved the owner. The scope in question deflected shrapnel from the hot load when the barrel ruptured. TheLoadoutRoom picked the...
  17. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    I was so frustrated at the range yesterday when my kimber pro carry 2 would not properly load the first round. 3 different mags and the 1st round just wouldn't load properly. Slide open, insert magazine, release slide = jam. I was so flustered that I loaded 40cal rounds in the magazine during a...
  18. Vendor Deals
    I have Winchester M-22, two bricks, Remington 225 two bricks, and Winchester 333 three bricks. I'm closed today Friday 07/18/14 . I reopened tommorow at 1100am to 200pm. No limit First come first serve. Jerry
1-18 of 41 Results