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  1. Other [Rifles]
    Having decided that a new (my first) lever action would be just the thing to celebrate my upcoming birthday, I stopped by an LGS today. I had planned to get it in .357 which will have to be ordered and may take 3-6 months. However they have the exact same gun, A. Uberti Spc. Sport 20" Case...
  2. Newbie's Unite!
    A remark on another part of this forum suggested that New York would be like the Old West--level guns and wheel guns thanks to our lovely new decree by King Kuomo II. Here's my question: If you were starting out, buying for home defense, what would you go with in a long gun? Handgun...
  3. Other [Rifles]
    anybody check these things out? mossberg makes a tactical lever action zmb series. zombie hunter ready and super tacticool. i am contemplating getting one, but i need more feedback. i have held one and they seem comfortable and ergonomic. how do tehy shoot? i am knew to lever actions. thanks yall!
  4. Other [Rifles]
    Not sure if anyone has read the review on the Mossberg 464 SPX in American Rifleman but check it out. I was considering buying this gun and when I went to check it out, the guy at the store didn't have great things to say about it. Said they don't even carry it unless it's special ordered...
  5. Other [Rifles]
    Torn between both, (cannot have both-sorry not an option) anyone have a preference and why? The receiver loading gate on the Marlin vs the front loading of the tubular mag and the Henry? The brass alloy receiver debate vs the stamp steel receiver on the Marlin? Which one is the smoothest action...
1-5 of 6 Results