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  1. Jokes and more Jokes!
    http://article107news.com/blanks/ In Rare Post-Orlando Congressional Compromise, Bipartisan Political Effort Manages To Ban One Particularly Lethal Ammo Type by Hugh Jashol While several contentious efforts at gun control failed in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives yesterday...
  2. Open Firearm Discussions
    "A new compact, lightweight weapon will stop a target in their tracks from a hundred meters away without harming them. Nicknamed the Pogojet, it's a radical less-than-lethal design from Jeffrey Widder, senior research scientist at Battelle Memorial Institute in Ohio. The Pogojet -whose...
  3. Other - [Handguns]
    Interesting, .. but too much to think using this device in making split second decision even the news people doubt this is a good idea.
  4. Chit-Chat
    Here you go LEO's, coming soon to your precincts - the Alternative Ballistics Clown Nose round! http://bearingarms.com/clown-nose-movie/?utm_source=bafbp&utm_medium=fbpage&utm_campaign=baupdate I believe I read recently that the Ferguson PD has started training with it.
  5. Chit-Chat
    My wife is concerned about walking in the neighbor hood with my grand daughter. she wants to know if she can carry something like pepper spray or something else. She dosent want to carry a gun , she hasen't been threnthern yet either, Any sugestions would be helpfull
  6. Chit-Chat
    First there was the movie Colossus: The Forbin Project: Now there is reality: http://www.nationalj...ir-own-20131008
1-7 of 8 Results