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  1. Chit-Chat
    http://longisland.ne...park-1.12457868 I was working in my garage and heard 2 helicopters approaching, I swear it was so loud i though they were about to crash into my house. I went outside and my neighbor who saw the choppers said they flew just above the tree line flying very fast. 20...
  2. Hunting - Open Discussions
    Anyone ever try hunting here? I drove by a few days ago, looks like there's only a spot for one hunter but it's pretty close to me so I might give it a whirl next year. http://www.dec.ny.go...ingsparkmap.pdf
  3. BBQ/Recipes/Cooking/Food/Diets
    took the wife out to lunch . We stopped at CAFE REDS in kings park at 107 Main Street food was grate desert just topped it off if your looking for a nice small and quiet place with grate food this is for you I am looking to go back and try something new each time staff was very friendly
  4. Long Island Crimes
    http://abc7ny.com/ne...nsions/1075927/ Anyone surprised? There are also some reports indicating that some Middle School kids were also involved. Regarding the parents of some of the students declaring how innocent their little baby is because they allegedly only received a video/picture...
  5. Long Island Crimes
    got it from a source, take it for what it is...be vigilant Morewood Drive, Smithtown-- resident notified by a detective that house on block was robbed. -White pickup truck. -One will ring your bell and tell you that your neighbor is complaining about your trees and they will get your...
  6. Long Island Crimes
    I saw this tag in Rockville Centre. I assume that the BK stands for Brooklyn. My question for you guys is why tag BK in Nassau County? Shouldn't it be NC or something? Thank you in advanced. http://
  7. Open Firearm Discussions
    http://news.yahoo.co...-043130098.html sounds like the gun did not fire, she did not wait a minute in case it would go off, pulled back the bolt/action, the round hit the ground and went off. but i am no expert. something everyone is going to reference when they want to close down a range.
  8. Chit-Chat
    Last Saturday afternoon, I spotted a coyote off of St Johnland Rd. east of Old Dock Rd. in the Kings Park Psych Center property. It was just standing on a small road off of the soccer fields for anyone familiar with the area. There were no people around on foot at that time. on old dock rd, i...
  9. AR - [Rifles]
    So, I've patiently waiting since Thanksgiving and just received this email about the trigger. I hope it shipps soon and will keep you guys updated on the performance. Dear patient customers, We are really sorry for the delay in shipping your triggers. We were supposed to receive them last week...
1-9 of 10 Results