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  1. Revolvers [Handguns]
    Hey all anyone here own one was think of getting one for my uncle for his 70th birthday. He love his Kimber 1911 and micro.
  2. Revolvers [Handguns]
    http://sigforum.com/...35/m/7270032693 http://www.kimberamerica.com/REeVOLVE
  3. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    I got this email from them yesterday. On Monday, January 18, 2016, Kimber will be releasing a new platform that will change the way that you think about concealed carry. This "revolutionary" new handgun will be on display in the Kimber bay at the SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range on...
  4. Vendor Deals
    We just received a dozen Kimber Custom II pistols. These are some nice looking pistols, Kimber quality at an affordable price of $750.00 Caliber .45 ACP Overall Length 8.7 in Sights (detailed) Fixed Grips Wood Grips Frame Finish Stainless...
  5. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Was looking at a kimber super match II the other day, and the owner had all sig p220 mags with it. I was confused, but they seemed to run and cycle no problem. Is this some random fact I just never knew? -Vick
  6. Vendor Deals
    We have the following pistols in stock. HK VP40 - 3 mags and night sights - $799.95 HK VP9 - 3 mags and night sights - $799.95 HK VP9 - 2 mags and standard sights - $669.95 Glock 42 - FDE Frame - $435.00 Glock 43 - $489.00 Kimber Micro - Diamond edition with chrome slide - $895.00
  7. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Kimber Summer Refresh This entry was posted on May 26, 2015 by OCG. We just received word that Kimber is releasing a few new firearms this summer. The new variations are based on their 1911 and Micro lines. The new pistols are as follows: Diamond Ultra II Caliber: .45 ACP, 9mm Weight: 25...
  8. Law Enforcement
    Selling a couple of handguns, call if interested. Custom Kimber Pro Carry II .45 1911 & a S&W 627 8 round Performance Center .357 mag (http://www.smith-wes...playErrorView_Y) Asking $900 for the Kimber (neg) & $1000 for the Smith or both for $1800. Maybe 30 rounds thru the .357, & 1000-2000...
  9. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    So this past week I dropped into hunter sports to buy my first pistol. Needless to say fondled all there was to fondle and I decided on a m&p9. Then as I made my choice they threw a deal at me. Kimber solo with laser grips 5 mags and a holster (very slightly used pistol). So me being me said...
  10. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    anyone out there own/have shot a kimber rimfire? friend/customer of Volko is looking for a .22 1911, and since what used to be the popular options all have threaded barrels we're trying to help him out. he may go with a kimber conversion kit instead, but just throwing it out there. Thanks, Vick
  11. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Today I tried to field strip and clen my Kimber Custom II pistol. I had put about 50 rounds through her about 4-weeks ago, but didn't get a chance to clean her until today. This is a new pistol that I got in March and only has about 500 rounds total though it. When I tried to field strip it...
  12. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Looking to purchase a Kimber Super Carry Ultra HD. Does anyone own this specific model? Pro's/Con's? Reviews? Good/Bad? Thanks much
  13. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    I picked up my first 1911 a few months ago from another member, a sweet Kimber Super Carry Custom HD. Right out of the gate, I was having a lot of FTF issues with basic target ammo(mostly Federal). If I remember correctly, I was told the gun had about 500-600 round through it. It came with...
  14. Law Enforcement
    September 15 & 16th Kimber Facility Valhalla, NY Kimber LE 1911 Basic Armorer's School This is a 2-day school which certifies the successful student for 3-years on the basic armoring of Kimber's 1911 pistols. This class covers the function of the 1911, proper fitting of key components...
  15. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Which small single stack 9mm would be the best for carry? I do own a glock 26
  16. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Hi Guys, I just got a Kimber Ultra ll Raptor. I'm having an issue on initial load. When I load the mag and release the slide the bullet sometimes doesn't feed straight and jams. This happens with the slide open and closed. What I mean is, with the slide closed, insert mag and pull slide to...
  17. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    I have looked everywhere I can think of. Does any one have a idea where to purchase a barrel 10mm for a Kimber target ?
  18. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    I'm looking at a Kimber Tactical Pro. I remember reading some reviews and posts some time ago that quality wasn't what it had been and wondered what you guys think. If you have a Kimber have you had any trouble with it? How is the workmanship on yours? Was there a period when they slipped on the...
1-18 of 45 Results