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  1. Vendor Deals
    We just got a shipment of Saiga IZ-132 in stock. $725.00 out the door with tax.
  2. AK Rifles
    I came across this model searching the interwebs. Is there anyone who has this handguard? Is it something I can buy? Also, this looks safe compliant. Is there a reason I can buy it? All the threads I found were from 2012.
  3. AK Rifles
    I've read threads here saying that this Saiga is NY SAFE compliant, others stating that some FFLs won't touch it. What's the final word? I always wanted an AK but missed the chance. I like the idea of the 7.62x39 ammo but also wondering if I will be able to still buy it at Walmart (Russian...
  4. AK Rifles
    I just did a awesome iz-240 conversion (safe compliant) Here you have a boring saiga rifle right out of the box. Boring hand guard Boring Stock Nothing exciting But then you get a Hand guard Retainer and piston tube from Dinzzag A stock kit from Apex All in all I spent about $100...
  5. AK Rifles
    Grabagun has 2 iz-240 (saiga ak74 base) models as outlined on this page http://grabagun.com/salesperson/result/?q=iz-240 One is in stock and the other is not Does anybody know the difference between the 2 The specs looks the same, however the UPC is different A search for the UPC only turns...
  6. AK Rifles
    Found a Saiga IZ-138 (.308) unconverted for less then $700. Any thoughts?
1-6 of 6 Results