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  1. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    I delivered my application the first week of March 2015 and was interviewed, fingerprinted and photographed the first week in October. The PO said it could take up to an additional 4 to 6 months and when my wife gets called I would know that they are close to wrapping everything up. Typically...
  2. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    Hi guys I have my pistol interview for Suffolk may 19th. I just want to be 100 % sure what I need to bring. I know I need my driver abstract record from the dmv, birth certificate, recent pay stub, recent bill in my name, money order for 89.75 and my drivers license. Is there anything I'm...
  3. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    September 2nd. Quite a while away. Noted calendar, phone, Computer. Out of curiosity, what should I expect on the day of interview so I can dwell over it for 4 months?
  4. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    My wife has her interview next week. I know it's certified check or money order only. Does anyone know the exact amount?
  5. Chit-Chat
    In 7 impromptu minutes, Ted Cruz appears more Presidential than I would ever expect Trump to ever... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tdm4UfdoEI This is why I support him and always will. He respects the Constitutional Rights of all citizens, even those that disrespect his rights.
  6. Out of State Crimes
    Please if you have time watch both these segments of the interview with lead guy of Death Metal...unbeliveable....(couldn't embed the video). http://clashdaily.com/2016/03/eagles-of-death-metal-frontman-blast-the-frenchs-political-correctness-in-paris-terrorist-attack/
  7. Chit-Chat
    Cool interview with Dr. Patrick. For those who are not familiar with him, he is libertarian type who is a staunch gun guy. I first saw him at a 2A seminar in Manhattan. He is a really smart guy and very entertaining. If you have the time it is about a 45 minute interview (while he out elk...
  8. The Welcome Mat
    Good Morning All' So can anyone tell me about the lenght of time it takes from Application being submitted to Interview to actual License. I have heard a lot of variations from 2 months to Interview or 6 months to interview and 6 months till License and a year till license. I relize with the...
  9. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    -Date Submitted- 9/14/2015 -Interview With PLB- 11/23/2015 After many years of procrastination, i finally got my app done. Can't wait!
  10. Jokes and more Jokes!
    Interviewer: What's your greatest weakness? Applicant: Honesty. Interviewer: I don't think honesty is a weakness. Applicant: I don't give a sh*t what you think.
  11. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    Just got the phone call today, just short of 2 months from dropping my application off (July 16th). Interview is scheduled for September 28th. Just wanted to thank everyone here for all the help and support. I'll be sure to post in the appropriate thread when everything is said and done.
  12. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    Hello everyone, I've finally decided to apply for a pistol license but I'm curious about a few things 1. Is the interview an actual interview? Or do you just hand over your documents and leave. 2. In regards to the 4 references. I know in most cases references are never contacted, but if they...
  13. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    I guess that was relatively painless. Was in there for about 30 minutes with officer Molinari. He said from this point on, it used to take about 6 months, but it's been a lot shorter recently. He also mentioned that he had a stack of applicants in his drawer who never bothered to finish their...
  14. Chit-Chat
    I know I know... Barack aint y'all favorite person but I just wanna point out one thing, please fast forward the video to Min 6:12
  15. Chit-Chat
    In 9 minutes, this provides a real world example of how the Democratic Party used the media to control the narrative. What Scott Walker accually said: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyQCggS6SjY How it was spun into the Democratic agenda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huljqaUPo64 Add...
  16. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    Dropped of my app 3 weeks ago and just got a call for my interview! June 19th 10:30 am !! Going faster than I expected!
  17. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    I submitted my application on April 6th and got the interview call today! 3 weeks is an incredibly quick turnaround time so I'm really happy. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it for at least another month. June 4th is my date!
  18. Jokes and more Jokes!
    You will enjoy this interview with Glock engineer...
1-20 of 80 Results