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  1. Open Firearm Discussions
    I'm looking for a beginner AR 15 class on LI, or anywhere within an 1-2 hour drive of NYC. Any recommendations for classes within that criteria? Also open to private instruction to safely learn with a fixed magazine AR. I saw Renaissance Firearms Instruction offering a 2 Hour Shooting & Safety...
  2. Newbie's Unite!
    Hello everyone.....I recently purchased a shotgun (Mossberg 500) at South Shore Sportsman ( a great buying experience by the way) - I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone or some place that offers a good basic class to learn how to safely and properly use it.. Thank you....
  3. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    I'm currently a beginner utilizing the Mitchell field range. Does anyone know of instructors who can demonstrate to me proper techniques in order to become a better shooter? I've taking NRA Level 1 instruction courses in the past, however need more instruction. Thanks.
  4. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    Hi all My wife and I have our pistol licenses... We are both completely new to handguns. We both shoot skeet...so we are familiar with shotguns... But haven't had a chance to use our shiny new pistol licenses!!! We both have the day off on Tuesday the 9th for our anniversary.... We are hoping...
  5. The Welcome Mat
    Hello. New to this site and eager to learn. I will be up front and honest since that's the only way I tend to be anyway. i am a 9 year Navy Veteran honorably discharged in 1986. Qualified on the .45 cal pistol, but really never trained in any weapon use or handling. The reason for my post is...
  6. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    I have a SW MP15-22 and my wife has a GSG-5 22. We are both relative novices but have shot under more experienced family members supervision mostly at my brother in laws range in VA. We want to venture out on our own here in NY and we both believe that when it comes to firearms you can never be...
  7. Handguns
    I have an original Ruger Instruction manual for the Mark II semi-auto pistol in pretty good shape to give to the first person to PM me & post. Only rule is you come and get it. I am in mid Suffolk. Mods, Didn't know where to put this thread hope here is okay.
1-8 of 8 Results