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  1. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/modified-duty-cousin-swipes-fires-gun-robbers-article-1.2754709 I read this article and came down with a headache. Oh the madness of NYC's gun laws.
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  3. Open Firearm Discussions
    Source: https://theintercept.com/2016/05/25/american-sniper-chris-kyle-distorted-his-military-record-documents-show/ NO AMERICAN HAS been more associated with the Navy SEAL mystique than Chris Kyle, known as the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history. His bestselling autobiography, American...
  4. NYC and NY State Crimes
    Finally after much waiting, ex-NYS Senator Dean Skelos will be sentenced in Federal court. Call it schadenfreude but he deserves to be punished with life in prison just for what he did with the SAFE Act. Hoping for many many years but Albany pundits are saying he will get off light. That...
  5. Veterans and Military
    Punishing Petraeus: What Was The Real Reason The Obama Administration Went After His Stars? http://havokjournal....fter-his-stars/ April 19, 2016 by Scott Faith As the investigation into presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton continues to go nowhere, I'm reminded about another recent...
  6. Out of State Crimes
    Nice. Way to go Army! Vietnam vet, 70, uses cane to foil Waffle House robbery Published April 10, 2016 FoxNews.com Facebook574 Twitter478 livefyre141 Email Print Surveillance camera photo shows man who tried to rob a Waffle House in Fayetteville on April 2, 2016. (Fayetteville...
  7. Open Firearm Discussions
    Yeah so? We need to be carrying bills of sale with us now maybe? http://pix11.com/2016/04/10/arrest-at-holland-tunnel-yields-gun-175-rounds-of-ammo/
  8. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    http://mrctv.org/blog/video-wh-censors-reference-islamist-terrorism-french-president The White House website has censored a video of French Pres. Francois Hollande saying that "Islamist terrorism" is at the "roots of terrorism." The White House briefly pulled video of a press event on...
  9. Out of State Crimes
    You can't make this stuff up! A Miami woman shot and killed a teenage home intruder last week, authorities said. Now, relatives of the teen are saying she acted unjustly and should be prosecuted. Trevon Johnson, 17, burglarized the home of a 54-year-old old...
  10. Open Shout Out!
    http://abc7ny.com/po...-state/1157804/ NEW YORK (WABC) -- A state Assemblyman interrupted Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address to criticize what he says is the Democratic governor's hypocrisy. Minutes after Cuomo began the annual speech before an audience of several hundred people...
  11. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Seriously … anyone ever see a play like that pitt WR? UNREAL!!
  12. Veterans and Military
    Great story http://insider.foxnews.com/2015/12/21/watch-vet-overcome-emotion-he-reunites-lost-dogs
  13. Out of State Crimes
    The cops should have shot the dogs owner. A dog owner let his dog in the neighbors yard in order to kill the neighbors dog. They then sat on the roof and videotaped it. What a shocker the offending dog is a pitbull.
  14. Out of State Crimes
    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/12/10/guns-seized-from-irs-employee-wearing-tinfoil-on-his-head-report-claims/?intcmp=ob_article_footer_text&intcmp=obnetwork I wonder if he worked for Lois Lerner? MASSACHUSETTS Guns seized from IRS employee wearing tinfoil on his head, report claims...
  15. Open Firearm Discussions
    I had always suspected Jarrett was giving Obama his marching orders. But this took me by surprise. Now we know why the Iranian deal was made, so poorly for us in the U.S.
  16. NYS and NYC Licensing/Laws Discussions
  17. Open Shout Out!
    http://theweek.com/s...code-name-mogul http://www.foxnews.c...vice-code-name/ Does not seem finalized yet. "Humble" may still be possible. As he is a Humble Mogul, I think either would be fine.
1-17 of 137 Results