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  1. Other Rifles
    Special thanks to LI Ammo, who contacted Anthony at Henry directly and had a few shipped straight from the factory (they might have a 30-30 left). LI Ammo is Long Island's premier Henry Gold dealer, if you need a Henry (or other guns and lots of ammo and other cool stuff) be sure to check them...
  2. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Has anybody seen a Henry AR-7 rifle for sale around? Looking to pick one up. Thank you.
  3. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Has anybody seen a Henry AR-7 rifle for sale around? Looking to picking one up. Thank you.
  4. AR Rifles
    Hey All Just swapped my Tegra CF lower for an Anderson Lower with Patrick Henry trigger guard on my spur set up. I have not had a chance to fire it yet but just holding it, it feels like a totally different rifle. The trigger guard gives a great deal of control while being able to keep your...
  5. Other Rifles
    anybody got one, and whats your experience with it? I've been looking for a 357 rifle to go with my wheel gun. But since finding a Marlin in that caliber is like trying to find a unicorn I decided to go with the Henry. I really wasn't into the brass receiver and the one I did handle that had...
  6. Other Rifles
    Thinking of adding a survival gun to my pack pack. Never had a multi piece firearm any one have and shoot one of these ??? I'm concerned about accuracy as if I had to rely on it can I rely on it, reviews look good but wanted to hear from the crowd.
  7. Other Rifles
    Following the recommendation from Henry, i purchased a Weaver 63b base for my new Henry lever gun. Long story short, i don't like it. I've always preferred Picatinny style rails. Can anyone recommend a well made Picatinny rail that will fit the 63b mounting holes? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Other Rifles
    Thinking of getting a repro 1860 Henry cause I'm a Civil War era gun shooter, since the original caliber(44 rimfire) is no longer available and was a very weak round would you get it in 44-40 invented in1873 as a rifle/pistol round or 45LC invented in 1972 as a pistol round only? So state your...
  9. Other Rifles
    A few weeks ago I read that Henry had announced a new 45-70 gvt. It has the "pistol-grip" style stock of the H010 and the octagonal barrel of the H010B, which is the combination i had been hoping for in a Henry lever gun. I might not get the brass receiver, but the case hardened one looks...
  10. Open Firearm Discussions
    http://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/category.cfm/sportsman/create-your-own-henry-heirloom/order_by/min_price?utm_source=100915&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=100915 Free shipping on all firearms - They ship to NY - Good service repeat customer - Henry firearms make your own serial...
  11. Open Firearm Discussions
    After somebody, who shall remain nameless, broke my Henry .357 Big Boy at last months MF meetup, I decided to call Henry and see what they could do to fix it. Ok, just kidding, nobody broke it. Seems every couple of rounds a case would get stuck in the chamber and I couldnt work the lever to...
  12. Other Rifles
    i just placed an order for a Henry Big Boy in 44 Magnum. Kind of an impulse buy. Grabagun had them in stock at a fair price. Anyone have hands on experience with these rifles? Good, bad, any input is appreciated. I'm a hand loader with tons of components, so shouldn't be too...
  13. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Got this Yesterday, it's a cool gun and heavier than I thought. Will go to the range saturday to try it, got two 5 mags rounds. I've seen lots of modification for this using other rifle parts (eg: A1 pistol Grip , barrell shroud, etc) but not legal in NYC..... sigh.... =)) I also just found...
  14. Other Rifles
    Hey everyone, I am looking to pick up a golden boy for my sons first birthday in April. Was just wondering if anyone knows if any of the local shops have them in stock? I know I could call around but figured I would start here! Thanks!
  15. Other Rifles
    Picked up my henry big boy in 38/357 A +10,000 to jerry firearms for doing the transfer from gun broker. I will be using him again he's top notch
  16. Other Rifles
    Santa is bringing me a .22 Henry Frontier. Every time I try to shoot our first Henry lever .22, the wife gloms it for the whole hour at Mitchell Field. Anyway, I noticed the o-ring at the mag tube was stretched out and about to break so I emailed Henry a few days ago and asked to buy a...
  17. Open Firearm Discussions
    Just watched a half hour commercial for Henry Rifles. Of all places, it was on Comedy Channel just prior to Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
  18. Other Rifles
    Saw one at the range today, real pretty gun. So pretty I wouldn't shoot it. Just look at that barrel. 38spec/357mag.
  19. Other Rifles
    Fine rifle great price in stock at Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore. I have purchased from them in the past.
  20. Other Rifles
    For those of you who might be interested, these are now out. http://www.henryrifles.com/rifles/order-of-the-arrow-centennial-edition/ Picking mine up today... Big Boy "Order of the Arrow Centennial Edition" In 1915, the Order of the Arrow (OA) was founded and has recognized Scouts and...
1-20 of 61 Results