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  1. Open Firearm Discussions
    Yeah so? We need to be carrying bills of sale with us now maybe? http://pix11.com/2016/04/10/arrest-at-holland-tunnel-yields-gun-175-rounds-of-ammo/
  2. Out of State Crimes
    From Newsday... http://www.newsday.com/news/nation/newtown-teacher-arrested-for-having-gun-at-school-police-say-1.11660812 A teacher was arrested Wednesday for bringing a gun to the town's middle school, police said. The 46-year-old teacher, Jason Adams, has a valid pistol permit, but...
  3. Digital Connection (computers / phones / tablets)
    I cannot receive text messages, emails, or access the internet on my phone via Verizon Wireless. Anyone having the same issues today or know what is going on?
  4. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
    I opened up the gun to install a new Kidd extractor but I now I've got some trouble. The bolt buffer is out. I'm holding the bolt fully to the rear, but as you can see in my photo, a sliver of the bolt on the left side of the photo (right side of the bolt) is still underneath the slide...
  5. AR - [Rifles]
    I am putting together parts for 2 builds. One of which is a featureless NY compliant nightmare. Does anyone know of a local smith that could cut and crown a 18" barrel down to 16" to use on the featureless build. Also any idea on what something like this would cost. Thanks in advance. Paul.
  6. Terrorist Talk
    My T.V automatically goes to News 12 when I turn it in this morning there is Kerry saying "they rape they torture and pillage"then I realize he is talking about ISIS I hope
  7. Chit-Chat
    Lately I cannot search the forums for topics. Every search I try has "no results". Member search works fine, Forum search…nothing. I'm trying to identify a Norinco SKS my uncle gave me. Any one else?
  8. NYC and NY State Crimes
    This story is both chilling and sickening. The only cure for a perp like that is a bullet. NEWS POLICE SEARCHING FOR MAN WHO BROKE INTO HOME, RAPED 7-YEAR-OLD GIRL IN HER BEDROOM ON STATEN ISLAND Police searching for man who broke into home, raped 7-year-old girl in her bedroom on Staten Island...
  9. Out of State Crimes
    STRATFORD, Conn. - An 81-year-old Stratford man has been charged with public indecency, accused of performing a sex act with some shrubbery. Police tell the Connecticut Post they arrested Wallace Berg Monday after a neighbor showed them a video he took of a naked Berg in the bushes outside...
  10. Chit-Chat
    So what sign would be better on the cars? "Gun Free Zone" or "I'm unarmed & carry cash"? http://blogs.wsj.com...control-debate/ Uber Bans Weapons in Cars Amid Gun-Control Debate Uber has banned drivers and passengers from carrying firearms while on Uber rides, reversing course from an...
  11. All Other - Open Discussions
    In April I was involved in an accident, and I've decided to purchase a "new to me" vehicle. My current vehicle is a '99 V6 Mustang. I'm can't decide between a '99-'04 GT or an '87-'95 Wrangler. Obviously each have their own class of performance, gas mileage, style, etc. My question to y'all...
  12. Chit-Chat
    Not super recent but I thought I would share this. A successful Washington, D.C. businessman with a spotless criminal record is preparing to go to trial for possessing a single, misfired and inoperable shotgun shell in his own home. When Mark Witaschek isn't working as a financial adviser, he...
  13. Open Firearm Discussions
    I think I may need to look into rehab or some other treatment. For awhile I would lie to myself & say the typical things like"I can stop whenever I want" etc. but I think I have to be honest with myself & admit that things are out of my control. Here I stand at my reloading bench, with this site...
  14. Chit-Chat
    Having lapriscopic surgery for meniscus tear. Has anyone had this done that can give me some input on the recovery time? Was it worth the surgery, or do you regret doing it? I currently have minimal pain at times, plus almost no swelling issues . The tear is in the posterior horn medial...
  15. Open Firearm Discussions
    No purchase necessary here. You can also go to shopruger.com, buy something and be entered. Go here to get an entry. https://www.ruger.co...ess/1022on1022/
  16. Chit-Chat
    Ah just kidding, I'm actually in Wisconsin on business and ducked into the Gander Mountain in Appleton. Racks and racks of evil black rifles with 30 round mags, and pistols that you can buy with a 2 day waiting period. No Yaphank shuffle, just pay the man and put the pistol on your belt. Oh...
  17. Chit-Chat
    Ok help me out with this guys. My older brother, who is a seriously nice guy, honest, wouldn't hurt a fly type of guy, had his 1988 Honda Super Magna motorcycle for sale for the longest time. The bike was in impeccable condition for being over 25+ years old and he was asking $4000. He got a...
  18. Open Firearm Discussions
    ...on a few guns to sell to get some extra cash for an upcoming auction I plan to attend. Heck, it's not even that I am having a hard time with making a decision, I am actually having a hard time getting off of my butt to pull them out and take a look at them to commence the decision making...
  19. How to become a Donated / Club Member
    I tried last week and again this morning. When I click on 'confirm' nothing happens. If my card is not accepted I can pay in ammo.
1-19 of 42 Results