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  1. Other [Rifles]
    Been looking for one but can't seem to find anything locally. Anybody seen one for sale?
  2. Chit-Chat
    Very few people wish anyone a Happy Birthday, no one plays the word association or four word game and there are generally fewer posts.
  3. Chit-Chat
  4. Chit-Chat
    Why Dustoff pilots never have to pay for drinks....ever. Some of us owe them everything....and then some
  5. Open Firearm Discussions
    Saw this waiting on line at a deli. http://www.nydailyne...Slide=1.2696760 What a liberal rag !
  6. Veterans and Military
  7. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    I usually just go to whatever shop is closest to buy what I need, however I am not a big spender. Just really targets, .22lr ammo, and some mags. I am looking to buy another gun and am wondering if they all generally sell at the same price or if I can save some money. I am looking for a Ruger...
  8. Open Firearm Discussions
  9. Knives / Swords
    I have finally completed 100% a working prototype of my locking Folder. Anodized Titanium scales, CPM154 blade HRC of 60, G10 back spacer, Custom milled titanium pocket clip, Stainless steel Ball bearings. Super smooth and lightening fast. This will be my flagship design, I am carrying and...
  10. Out of State Crimes
    http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/shocking-leak-exposes-corruption-secret-accounts-linked-to-putin-assad-fifa/article/2587546 There is no such thing as secret financial accounts anymore. People have to find other ways to hide their ill-gotten gains. Under the mattress and in shoe-boxes come to...
  11. Pets Pets Pets
    My youngest daughter has a birthday coming in less than 2 months (she'll be 9) and wants a dwarf rabbit. Do any of you have any experience with them?
  12. Revolvers [Handguns]
    Like the tItle says, I think I may have a revolver problem, and my first step is to admit it. I dont know, But ever since about a year ago when my father in law gave me a few real nice, old smith and wesson revolvers, I just want more, Not new ones but the old ones, I dont know if its because...
  13. Bolt Action [Rifles]
    Like the title says. I'm interested in getting into distance shooting beyond 200/300 yards (I'd like to hit that magical 1k and beyond in the future). I'm willing to go up to $2000 but would prefer to keep it under 15. I'm leaning towards the Remington 700 SPS as a starting platform chambered in...
  14. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Dropped off my application in Yaphank two weeks ago and doing some research. What is the legal magazine capacity I should be looking for here in Suffolk?
  15. Chit-Chat
    Today we started looking at cows. Black Angus heifers to be exact. My buddy across the way has a Black Angus bull. Once we get down there we will be awash in beef. What have we done...
  16. Revolvers [Handguns]
    I had the opportunity before the safe act to aquire one but the person who had it no longer owns it. It looked to be some kind of break open action revolver.
  17. Jokes and more Jokes!
  18. Chit-Chat
    I am glad i live in nassau county. wait for the kicker compared to living in queens. my friend had to apply for a longun permit which nassau and suffolk do not have to yet but get this "you have to wait 90 days before buying another one" that is just not right people support scope NRA and...
  19. AR - [Rifles]
    I feel like I should know this. If the lower comes with a pistol grip can I have it shipped to a ny ffl? I will be converting it to fixed mag via the bullet button and jb weld.