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  1. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Hi guys. Is there a noticeable difference between shooting 115 grain vs 124 grain. I have a Gen 3 Glock 19 MOLON LABE
  2. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
    Review of this new product. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/02/daniel-zimmerman/9mm-ammo-quest-speer-gold-dot-g2-147-grain-jhp/
  3. Law Enforcement
    When it comes to the range, is there a practical difference in shooting lighter rounds vs the 124 +P rounds that we carry?
  4. Open Firearm Discussions
    Any good at $6 box of 20
  5. Competition Corner
    I am interested in ammo for service rifle competition, using AR-15, 20 inch barrel, 1-7 twist at 200yds. Since I am borrowing rifle from CMP, I am not sure, but think it is chambered in 5.56. If using factory loads, how many grain bullet would you recommend: 50,55,62,69, or 75 gr.? I...
  6. Recalls
    I received this notice from a friend of mine. If it opens too small, double click it. http://imageshack.us/f/15/dxfb.jpg/
  7. Chit-Chat
    16 boxes at Centereach Walmart. $21.97. Also 3 boxes of Winchester 7.62 123 grain $18.57 And American Eagle 120 round ammo can, 5.56 55 grain FMJ $60.97 -3 cans. 43, yes 43 cans of American Eagle 5.56 150 rounds 62 grain $69.97
  8. Milsurp [Rifles]
    I have only shot 122 grain ammo that I got from the Ruskies, in my sks rifles. Wondering if anyone has shot this stuff at 100yds or more I would think there would be some heavy drop. Need to get a few orders in and weary on 1000 of something I never shot.
  9. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
    Sorry about the heading. I dont know what I was thinking. Okay so I had my new Remington 597 out at Calv. today. I fired Remington and Remington Subsonic, no issues. I started loading Winchester Bulk Pack ammo and it was a jam sandwich. I didnt have any remington rounds to go back to. Any 597...
  10. Open Firearm Discussions
    Federal Premium. Unfortunately you have to purchase 12,500 rounds for $4,999.00 and pick it up in North Carolina. (Limit 2 per customer). Maybe we can do a group buy ???? http://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10051_616354_-1__?N=858982010
1-11 of 11 Results