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  1. NYS and NYC Licensing/Laws Discussions
    Is it possible to gift someone a rifle in NYS without them knowing/having to sign 4473 beforehand? Not even sure I could afford it right now, but I'm wondering about getting a 10/22 for my best friend as his Best Man gift. Thanks Steve
  2. Jokes and more Jokes!
    God visited a woman and told her she must give up smoking, drinking and sex if she wants to get into Heaven. The woman said she would try her best. God visited the woman a week later to see how she was getting on. "Not bad" said the woman, "I've given up smoking and drinking, but then I bent...
  3. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Grand Power and Kahr giving away magazines for a limited time 6/01/15| by Max Slowik Kahr is giving away an extra mag with every C-Series pistol for a limited time. (Photo: Kahr) This June both Grand Power and Kahr Arms are giving away extra magazines with select gun purchases from now...
  4. Open Firearm Discussions
    SIG's giving away mags and bags to P-series and 1911 buyers 5/01/15| by Max Slowik Thinking about getting a new SIG? Buy this month and get $100 in mags and swag. (Photo: SIG) SIG Sauer's giving away magazines to everyone who buys a centerfire "Classic" P-series pistol or any of their 1911...
  5. Revolvers Handguns
    Early birthday gift Smith & Wesson model 29 .44 magnum 4"
  6. Open Firearm Discussions
    http://paracom.paramountcommunication.com/hostedemail/email.htm?CID=24664820435&ch=C52A207A5C3F31787882DEC69908225B&h=1c4df2d1a1160febcbecee4cbd07ab8f&ei=WPEwTHANY Got this, this morning and I wanted to share it. Maybe McFly can win this one too.
  7. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    I was so pissed at Buds Gunshop 6 months ago for cancelling my order that I deleted them from my list. After cooling off for 6 months and not being able to find what I want any LGS, I'm gonna try them again. I was looking for an Tactical 5" (10 rnd of course). Coliseum had one in stock, but...
  8. Open Shout Out!
    NRA not giving Astorino campaign money despite anger at Cuomo's NY Safe Act. YRACUSE, N.Y. - Republican Rob Astorino is failing to cash in on the NY Safe Act in his struggling effort to unseat Gov. Andrew Cuomo with a month left before Election Day. The state's arm of the National Rifle...
  9. Open Firearm Discussions
    Seems like Ferguson Mo protests/riots are stirring up a whole bunch of things. http://news.msn.com/...-gear-to-police WASHINGTON (AP) - After a decade of sending military equipment to civilian police departments across the country, federal officials are reconsidering the idea in light of the...
  10. Open Firearm Discussions
    Looks like Classic Arms is having another giveaway. This time they are giving out Valentine's Day presents with the guns. https://gleam.io/e8fjj-j9213W. Good luck!
  11. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    I overheard a conversation at SCPD. A pistol license applicant was told they could only transport their pistol to and from the range and while doing so, the pistol had to be unloaded and locked in the truck of their vehicle. The officer who made this statement has been working Suffolk pistol...
  12. Law Enforcement
    There are 10,000+ members here. There are 1000's more that lurk. Speaking of lurking, sorry Mods, but out of the 1000's of people reading these threads, some are going to be bad guys. Giving these people blanket advice on NOT to talk to the police is counter-productive to any police...
  13. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I am by far no angel when it comes to helping the less fortunate. However I am a veteran (non combat), and my mother has been in the Lions club my whole life. If I do have time, money or items I make sure they go to the vets or to the Lions club. Here is a quick list of some of the good and...
  14. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Gov. Cuomo got $100,000 from developer, then signed law giving it big tax breaks Twin $50,000 donations were made to Andrew Cuomo's campaign by two companies that have the same address as Extell Financial Services, which is part of Extell Development Co. - one of five developers to receive...
  15. AR Rifles
    Well after dealing with R-Guns screwing me over and never shipping my upper, I had a hard time finding an upper for the build I wanted to do. Also now money is tighter and since I have HALF a freaking gun I'm going to have to let it go. I paid about $600 for my lower setup, only to never get...
  16. Open Firearm Discussions
    If the government insists on giving back money I will be donating my $350 to the NRA to help preserve my 2nd amendment rights. Thanks Gov Cuomo. JERK
  17. AR Rifles
    I see all these posts that say stripped lowers are legal, theres nothing in the law comments. Tell you what. I have a nice crisp 50 dollar bill for the first person that gets one here in NY. Now can we put this to rest??
1-17 of 25 Results