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  1. Generators
    Safety note concerning Honda EM4000SX Generators. If any of the members own one of these generators be well advised to check the condition of the Carb Bowl retaining bolt (brass). With no encouragement from me the bolt sheared off at the beginning of the threaded section near the head of the...
  2. Generators
    I know they have a pretty good warranty. And the EU models and smaller suit-case style are very quiet. But beyond that is it worth 4x-5x the cost of say a Generac or Briggs&Straton?
  3. Gear Discussion
    Is this a classic get what you pay for? or is it a good value? I know nothing about generators. I want the generator to be able to run my well and furnace. Fridge would be nice too. everything else is non essential but welcome if affordable enough. What is the breakdown in power that i need to...
  4. Generators
    I just bought a Yamaha EF2000iS for $999 AND they gave my 15% in points because I used my Cabelas card...... Yay! http://www.cabelas.com/category/Generators-Accessories/104356980.uts
  5. Generators
    Has anyone used one of these? Seems like a good alternative to gas powered generators for short term use or maybe to keep in the car for long trips. http://www.goalzero.com/shop/c/2/
  6. Vendor Deals
    Smart Generators 516.619.6401 [email protected] Much of the dust has settled since the chaos of Hurricane Sandy. We were immediately bombarded with orders to help supply the emergency energy needs of our community. We are thankful for the opportunity to assist those in need and...
  7. FFLs Listings & Reviews
    I know, saying "+1 Volko" is like pouring a glass of water into the ocean, but what more can one say? I picked up a Generac GP5500 today. It was a better deal than online and I didn't have to take the day off to wait for a delivery, Vick helped me load up my car and I was on my way. BTW, am...
  8. Chit-Chat
    So a buddy of mine lives in a certain part of LI which I wont disclose. Apparently as aid they got Tons of MRE's and Portable Generators, as well as handing out sandwiches daily. Today he brought in an MRE for me . My neighborhood didn't get anything even though my power was out for 12 days...
  9. Hurricane Sandy Discussions
    Just came back from my local Ace in Massapequa. They have pallets of 5 gallon gas cans, and some 7250/6500 watt generators.
  10. Chit-Chat
    If anyone is still in need of any generators the Advance Auto has 3 in stock for 350 as of 4:45. 3500 watts 4k peak, takes 10w30 and 2 and half gallon tank. The Admin and I have them same one and there great.
  11. Hurricane Sandy Discussions
    Talk to me about generators. You all seem to have some pretty decent knowledge of the topic, so I wanna pick your brains. If I had $600 - $1000 to spend. What brands? Models? Functionality? I would ultimately like to get the house setup with a transfer switch in the next several weeks but I'm...
  12. Hurricane Sandy Discussions
    Just a heads up I was at lowes during closing time and they were putting out a couple of pallets of generators some were going but saw plenty left as they closed . If Someone is in need I would hit them up as they open in the am.. Good luck
  13. Chit-Chat
    Monday 1 PM Loews on Sunrise Hwy in Bayshore has 10+ generators, 7200 W $699.
  14. Hurricane Sandy Discussions
    How much would you commit to spending on a whole house generator group buy?$5,000 to $7,500218.18%$7,500 to $10,000436.36%over $10,00019.09%$5,000 max436.36%
  15. Hurricane Sandy Discussions
    So now that I have my marching orders from the wife, I started researching available generators I found that diesel generators make a lot of sense in my case: 1) Diesel generators run longer on equivalent amounts of fuel. 2) Diesel fuel stores easily and safely. 3) Diesel was readily available...
  16. Hurricane Sandy Discussions
    Sk Speed in lindenhurst has generators in! 631-957-9525 ext. 5. They are going quick
  17. Hurricane Sandy Discussions
    Anybody know who has generators and gas cans for sale???
  18. Hurricane Sandy Discussions
    Went to sears at patchogue holbrook road and sunrise hwy in patchogue tonight at 8:50pm and the manager told me hes got 4200watt generators Coming in first thing in the morning. The price is $599 and they have a 4 gallon tank good for 7 hrs at 3200watts. My power is on thank god but for those of...
1-18 of 18 Results