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  1. Optics
    Received this coupon in the mail today for a spotting scope with tripod at Harbor Freight. Web Link below: http://www.harborfre...ipod-94555.html Might not be the greatest but for $40.00 may be worth it for someone who is looking.
  2. Chit-Chat
    I was just wondering if anyone has a harbor freight 1/2" electric impact gun, if so do you like it? I was thinking for the $39 I would get one. I would only be using it once every two or three months not a everyday tool.
  3. Car / Truck talk
    Can anyone advise what you need to register a Harbor Freight trailer? I have the manufacturers statement of origin, but the idiot at the register entered the VIN wrong on the register reciept. Do they need the reciept to register it, or not? Thanks
  4. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
    Just an FYI I was there today in Centereach and they have the same Plastic ones I bought at Cableas without the logo for 6.99. Not water tight but still could be useful.
  5. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
    Not that I'm a big fan of further supporting the Chinese economy these look pretty good http://www.harborfreight.com/ammo-box-61451.html $5.99 less a 20% coupon = $4.80 Even at $5.99 it's a good deal. Not super rigid but pretty strong, o-ring sealed & stackable. Holds 2,000 rds of .22LR no...
  6. Chit-Chat
    Here ya go http://widgets.harborfreight.com/wswidgets/common/displayCoupon.do?week=0714&campaign=c&page=presidentsday.html&cust=60462113062&keycode=1041&main=true&single=true&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=0714c&utm_source=1041
  7. Lifestyles / Hobbies
    Never be without the 20% coupon. Go here: http://thrd.us/qRWm Send using Tapatalk Android powered by Galaxy S3
  8. Gear Discussion
    Is this a classic get what you pay for? or is it a good value? I know nothing about generators. I want the generator to be able to run my well and furnace. Fridge would be nice too. everything else is non essential but welcome if affordable enough. What is the breakdown in power that i need to...
  9. Open Firearm Discussions
    For those interested... http://bfads.net/Black-Friday/Harbor-Freight/Ad
  10. Chit-Chat
    There is a coupon in Newsday for a torque wrench $9.99 (reg. price $34.99) Pittsburgh Pro. I don't know if this is a decent wrench but for $9.99 as opposed to $70.00 at homedepot. Add say accurate to within +/-4%.
  11. Chit-Chat
    Got 'it in the mail, figured I'd share http://widgets.harborfreight.com/wswidgets/common/displayCoupon.do?main=true&week=2713&campaign=a&page=25off.html&cust=60462113062&keycode=1010&single=true&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2713a&utm_source=1010
  12. Chit-Chat
    Does anyone have a link for the Harbor Freight 20% off coupon?
1-12 of 12 Results