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  1. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    I did a quick search and didnt see too much on it. I know we're allowed to stop for food. But just curious lets say I was heading out east to the range and wanted to stop at a store to grab ammo... is this frowned upon or allowed?
  2. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    Contacted 4 gun stores on li common ones i shop at no 308 AR10 stripped lowers. Contacted Jerrys had a few in stock. Went on down ended up going back 3 more times over the next few weeks and ordered a few parts and bought parts he had in stock for my 308 build. 100% straight up honest people to...
  3. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Queens man gets two years in prison for giant arsenal BY JOHN ANNESE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/queens-man-years-prison-giant-arsenal-article-1.2819234 A Queens man whose massive arsenal had enough gunpowder to blow up his and his neighbors' apartments...
  4. Semi-Auto Rifles
    My wife has never been particular enthusiastic about guns, but she's become obsessed with this election and she asked me to teach her how to shoot just in case. We finally got a chance to get down to the range yesterday and I started her off with a 10/22 takedown (plain jane) with cheap federal...
  5. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/inside-the-ticker/outdoor-giant-bass-pro-to-acquire-rival-cabelas-for-dollar45b/ar-BBwWAwW OMAHA, Neb. - Outdoor gear giant Bass Pro is snapping up rival Cabela's in a $4.5 billion deal announced Monday. Bass Pro is paying Cabela's shareholders $65.50 cash per...
  6. AR Rifles
  7. Hunting - Open Discussions
    Hello all, The name is Mike, I'm 24. I've been waterfowling for a solid 3 years and love the sport, all hunting and fishing for that matter. I love being out in the marsh at most, if not all costs. I'd love to get out there with a moderately experienced waterfowler. I'm in central Nassau but...
  8. Semi-Auto Handguns
  9. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
  10. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
  11. Vendor Deals
    Next Glock Armorer's class is scheduled for October 13th at DSI. If you are LE, Retired LE, Military, Security or a GSSF Member, you can attend. Here is the link to sign up: https://www.glocktraining.com/RegWizard.aspx?classid=103314 If you are not a GSSF Member, but want to become one for...
  12. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Gene Wilder, star of 'Willy Wonka' and Mel Brooks comedies, is dead at 83, his family says
  13. NY Specific Discussions
    Hi All lovers of the 2A on this forum. I will be taking retired Lt. Col. Bull around the district (4th Congressional) on Sat, starting 10am. We will go to Volko Supply and Britt Arms to say thank you for their support first. We will continue to the southern part of the district right after...
  14. Optics
    So I have an AR15 and a DPMS style AR10. I am interested in a good quality, but budget optics for both, and I am leaning towards a red dot. I had an EOtech 512. I couldnt see the reticle in sunlight with fresh batteries, but I do like the circle and dot. I sent it in for a refund. I want to use...
1-15 of 500 Results