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    http://mdjonline.com/view/full_story/26536389/article-Govenors-Gun-Club-to-open-new-83-000-square-foot-range-in-Kennesaw Lets get this built on Long Island for $10 million - wouldn't even cover the legal fees here!
  3. Open Shout Out!
    Anyone seen this? Apparently the entrenched lawmaker.. DOESNT KNOW THE LAWS! This man is a disgrace..
  4. DIY - Home Improvements - More
    A friend of mine had a nice foot bridge wash away in our last storm. If anyone lives close to Orowoc Creek in Islip and you happen to see a curved deck 12'-15' long bridge with hand rails...it's probably hers. Thanks.
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    16-year-old Makenzie Wethington miraculously survives after a 3,000 foot plummet. http://www.weather.com/article/texas-teen-survives-3000-foot-fall-skydiving-accident-20140203
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    What are international sea salvage laws? http://gawker.com/abandoned-cruise-ship-full-of-starving-rats-headed-for-1507439976/@orlove
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    I have recently began using my father's boat on the bay. i wanted to know how to use the on-board head. he said he never touched it, he just uses a bucket. i have my lady onboard lately, and want to figure the thing out. it has a manual hand pump with a petcock like lever on one tube coming up...
  8. Jokes and more Jokes!
  9. Open Firearm Discussions
    might be a re-post but he makes our case for us that the assault weapons aren't as "scary" as they make them to be. shotguns are more effective..?? its almost as if hes on our side.. http://news.yahoo.co...--politics.html
  10. Veterans and Military
    Just read in GunMag that the Wounded Warrior Project, something I've been supporting for many years, is refusing support from gun related industries and other gun related activities. Tom Gresham of the Nationally syndicated Gun Talk radio show asked someone from WWP to appear on his show to...
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    On Newsday.com http://mobile.newsda...eed:i=1.4147554 MOD add: The accident occurred at about 10:40 a.m. when a woman, was in the process of putting her weapon into the holster, according to the county spokeswoman. Stay tuned for more.
  12. Out of State Crimes
    It never ceases to amaze me. Miller was charged with reckless handling of a firearm, shooting into an occupied dwelling and possession of marijuana. http://www.wusa9.com/news/article/225637/158/Insult-to-Injury-Man-Arrested-After-Shooting-Himself-In-Foot
1-12 of 12 Results