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  1. Chit-Chat
    Talia held an entry level job at Yelp and lived in the Bay Area. She didn't like her salary and wrote an open letter to her CEO about her horrible pay and even complained about (what seems to me as) a good benefit package and great fringe benefits...
  2. Chit-Chat
    I forgot my Kindle this morning so I was browsing rimfirecentral. A guy sitting next to me saw a photo of a rifle on my phone and asked what that was. Turns out he's a fellow shooter who's father was a collector. He said he had civil war rolling block rifles, flintlocks, and rifles of that era...
  3. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    I like it....
  4. Long Island Crimes
    Infamous LIRR shooter Colin Ferguson encouraged "inmates to riot and kill prison guards" at an upstate prison, according to a court ruling Thursday that upheld Ferguson's conviction for violating prison disciplinary rules. The midlevel Appellate Division said videotape and testimony provided at...
  5. The Welcome Mat
    New Member , not new to Firearms ... Former military , and some prior Police Academy Training .. Looking forward to getting out and seeing some of you at the range sometime soon.
  6. Chit-Chat
    Great CCW course today facilitated by Chris - double thumbs up! Also enjoyed meeting fellow LIF'ers and putting faces with screen names. Hope to see you all again at the range or future classes.
  7. The Welcome Mat
    Hi everyone. I have been following the forum for a while, but just joined very recently. I will probably have a lot of questions regarding firearms, and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts as well. I currently own a Ruger 10/22 and a Windham Weaponry AR-15. Looking to get into some skeet...
  8. The Welcome Mat
    Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I'm new to the forum and just received a lot of slack for asking about 5 round AR Mags in the wrong area. Sorry no reason to be worried I'm not a Fed. Anyway, anything under 7 rounds is legal so get a grip.
1-8 of 10 Results