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  1. NYC and NY State Crimes
    Just heard a report that two EMTs where under fire and police are responding. Anyone hear this on the news.
  2. Gear Discussion
    Just because I was recently looking at these....ems has suunto watches on sale. the core miltary black is $199. Remember, this brand of watch is Destro approved. So monster wrists help, but are not necessary.
  3. Fire and EMS
    Does anyone remember the name of the fire, ems, police store that was on Jericho tpke in mineola. And if you do what happened to that store?? Was in area, and was looking for it, but could not locate it. Thanks
  4. Fire and EMS
    Happy EMS Week to all my fellow EMS Providers! May 18-24th. This years tag line is : Dedicated for life! If your on Facebook, you can enter here to win free EMS Week memorabilia. The contest is on this page: https://www.facebook.com/flashburnstudio Happy EMS WEEK 2014
  5. Fire and EMS
    Many of us in EMS wind up working holidays. It is the nature of the beast. What Thanksgiving traditions have you developed with your partners? One that a partner and I had was our traditional Dominos Meatzzafest pizza. Why Dominos? Because apparently in the Bethpage area they are the only place...
  6. Fire and EMS
    I got this in an email from my service , I registered a while ago, if you had any exposure to any 9/11 site on the job, even if you have no issues now , if is important that you at least register ASAP. " We hope and pray that none of you our members will ever need to call upon the services of...
  7. Fire and EMS [QUESTION]
    So, I've been interested in joining Lindenhurst Fire Department for a couple of years now and have been waiting until I graduated before singing up. Well, for the last 2 months, I've been trying to contact them and get some info. I filled out their online forms half a dozen times with no...
  8. Fire and EMS
    It is with deep sadness that I report the Line of Duty Deaths of TWO FDNY EMS MOS, just several hours apart. Paramedic Ruben Berrios, of FDNY EMS Sta 20, in the Bronx, and EMT Joe Schiumo, of FDNY EMS Sta 20, in the Bronx, both succumbed to WTC related cancer just hours apart. Both members had...
  9. Fire and EMS
    As the story goes I got tired of waiting for my company yo get me new ems pants. It has been over a year, and I have filled out three request forms. I decided to look for navy bdu pants at the army navy store in Levittown, but it turns out they have EMS pants by Carhart for just over 30 bucks...
1-9 of 10 Results