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  1. NY Specific Discussions
    Albany mandatory gun storage law takes effect Taking effect Thursday, New York's capital city became the fourth municipality in the state to enact laws mandating guns not in use be locked up under threat of fines and jail time. The city joined Rochester, Buffalo and New York City as well as...
  2. Chit-Chat
    Personally, health wise this could help consumers to decide in restaurants, I usually look on the amount of calories that I order. But being healthy cannot start from restaurant's food, it must start from home cook meal and groceries we buy and educate ourselves in the subject, cannot rely on...
  3. Chit-Chat
    I am watching a preview of a new show starting in May, a lot of slight of hand, cool tricks, crazy stuff. Things like self tying shoe laces, non stop pouring beers (awesome btw) Very cool show
  4. NYS and NYC Discussions (licensing/laws)
    What are the effects of the NY SAFE Act on C&R License holders? Can C&R transfers be done any longer in NYS? Does it make sense, for any reason, to renew a C&R license for a New Yorker? Thanks, Glenn B
  5. AR - [Rifles]
    I feel like my 1:7 twist rate spikes upper is not as accurate as my 1:9 stag was, both shooting PMC X-tac 55gr FMJ. Could that be because of the twist rate vs the weight?
  6. Jokes and more Jokes!
    Obamas new law, read, to supplement the Hope and change promise, Financial capability through massive borrowed money to further increase the US deficit to record highs
  7. AR - [Rifles]
    Quick question... when does the whole SAFE act actually start? Is it already or does it start on April 15th? What I'm getting at.. is do I still have time to get an AR15 lower to build my gun? Or is it woo late... i have no problems registering, just want to find out if its still legal for me to...
  8. Open Firearm Discussions
    Alright guys and gals. Just got back from Centereach Walmart. While I was there, of course I looked for some ammo. I found 4 bozes of Federal 9MM FMJ 115GR RN (100 Round) @ $21.37 each. Very good deal in today's market. Finally got some help and asked for all four boxes. The lady said...
  9. Firearm Ban & Recent Events
    How long will it take for legistation to pass, and there be a date for when the gun bang will go into effect?
  10. Hurricane Sandy Discussions
    There is a 2 page spread in Today's Newsday about the Marsh/Bay Houses I was questioning in a different thread. So sad. Most of the homes had been lifted off of their pilings and thrown about the bay. Will be a tough sight to see next spring when I get back out on the water. Here is a...
1-10 of 11 Results