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  1. Chit-Chat
    Run! http://www.babwnews.com/2016/03/ebola-strikes-again-leaving-more-people-dead/ Ebola strikes again, leaving more people dead MARCH 20, 2016 BY SAM CATHERMAN Ebola strikes again, leaving more people dead There has been a recent Ebola flare-up in Guinea, leaving a number of people dead...
  2. Chit-Chat
    My old stomping ground. Multiple ambulances, police, medical personnel in full biosuits. News 12 has unconfirmed reports. Pictures from the scene appearing on social media. Welcome to the new way of life.
  3. Outbreaks / Viruses
    My wife just let me know that a guy in Thailand exhibited ebola like symptoms, the police took him to the equivalent of a Motel 6 with instructions to self-report on his condition, and he has gone AWOL. The King, and all the King's proverbial men, are out looking for him. I am going to...
  4. Outbreaks / Viruses
    Our special Maine Nurse who was quarantined for possible Ebola exposure was caught exercising her rights to personal liberty by going for a bike ride in her home town The Governor of Maine is investigating to see if legal action needs to be taken.
  5. Jokes and more Jokes!
    I know its fake, but it funny http://dailycurrant.com/2014/10/28/new-jersey-bans-halloween-trick-or-treating-over-ebola-fears/ Governor Chris Christie has cancelled trick-or-treating in the state of New Jersey this year out of fear of the Ebola virus. According to local reports, this so...
  6. Law Enforcement
    I'm curious if your Dept has established any procedures for dealing with cases of suspected Ebola? I also volunteer with an EMS agency in Suffolk and FRES along w/ NYSDOH already setup procedures for suspected Ebola cases. I spoke with a friend of mine that works for SCPD and nothing has been...
  7. Open Shout Out!
    http://pix11.com/201...ine-procedures/ Mario Jr. handed Astorino this issue on a platter. Bob must go for the jugular. He must body slam El Duce to the ground and kick him in stomach (figuratively speaking and with all due respect of course).
  8. Outbreaks / Viruses
    Since everyone loves reading about it so much... enjoy. http://longisland.ne...cases-1.9540515 GLEN COVE - A Long Island hospital is being designated as a temporary location for treatment of any possible Ebola cases. Glen Cove Hospital is gearing up to become a temporary specialized treatment...
  9. Outbreaks / Viruses
    Cuomo's big mouth I predicated Obama would be pissed. Just another Cuomo brainstorm with out thinking it through. Caught with his foot in his mouth 2 weeks before his election and people still can't see this guy should be gone. "The big picture decision was made in the absence of any deep...
  10. Jokes and more Jokes!
  11. Jokes and more Jokes!
  12. Outbreaks / Viruses
    Most public health experts oppose such a ban. "Many nations have banned flights from other countries in recent years in hopes of blocking the entry of viruses, including SARS and H1N1 'swine flu,' " wrote Laurie Garrett, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations...
  13. Outbreaks / Viruses
    This is worth a read. http://healthimpactn...hoax-and-ebola/
  14. Outbreaks / Viruses
    My friend is a retired NYPD Sergeant. He just emailed me this: I just got am email regarding Ebola from the Sergeants Benevolent Association, the police union that I am a life member of. The email informs the membership of possible Ebola cases in Brookdale and Bellevue hospitals. The SBA is...
  15. Outbreaks / Viruses
    Fox's Shepard Smith blasts the media for "hysterical," "irresponsible" Ebola coverage: "It's not worth ratings and it's not worth politics, and we all need to stop it."
  16. Outbreaks / Viruses
    I think we are all ready for some good news. If I am correct,this may be the same vaccine that was administered to a German scientist a few years back when she pricked herself with a needle containing Ebola material. If this works, I am gladly going to eat everything bad I said about Canadian...
  17. Outbreaks / Viruses
    So I just heard from someone in the know, that vaccine manufacturers are cutting flu vaccine orders by 90%. Unofficially my friend was told by the manufacturer that they are stockpiling the flu vaccine because they are expecting an Ebola outbreak and a mad scramble for people in the affected...
  18. Outbreaks / Viruses
    It's not the Sheriff's Deputy, it's a health care worker at the hospital where Duncan was cared for. And how many people have they come in contact with? http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/12/health/ebola/index.html?hpt=hp_t1
  19. Outbreaks / Viruses
    Just got home from fishing and my wife tells me she got calls from her residents at Brookdale Hospital saying a kid was taken in with ebola symptoms. Everyone that works there are running scared not knowing what to do.The kid came in from Sudan from what she was told.
1-19 of 36 Results