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  1. Open Firearm Discussions
    I plan on getting duracoats shake and spray kit. 1)Does it all have to be used at once? If it doesn't can I mix it all at once and store it mixed or should I only mix a portion? 2) Can I mix glitter in with the paint?
  2. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Decided to do some duracoat paint jobs the other day, the first is a Ruger LC9 with a digital camo pattern, I purchased from a member here a while ago, the other is a KelTec PF9 I picked up in a recent visit to Tennessee at a local gun shop and had it sent to Bruce at Hunters Essentials, I'm not...
  3. DIY Projects and Builds
    I want to duracoat a few things on my AR zombie green, such as my charging handle, fwd assist, bullet button, rails, some screws, etc. I dont have an air compressor to duracoat. I'm thinking of rattle can the pieces, but am worried it won't last. Anyone out there duracoat? Ceracoat? On Long...
  4. DIY Projects and Builds
    I just started using duracoat and i have to say it is one of the easiest finishes that inhave ever applied. I got turned on to this stuff by a friend whom i bought a duracoated barrel from. I stripped it in my blast cabinet and i was sold this stuff is tough. I am sure there are better methods...
  5. DIY Projects and Builds
    Doing a .300BLK build I got a great deal on a new stainless barrel. Problem is I want it to be matte black. So which one ??? Thx
  6. AR - [Rifles]
    So I've decided to repaint one of my lowers. What coating is the best? Easiest to apply? Something that will last and hold up. Suggestions
  7. DIY Projects and Builds
    Does anyone know how to remove Duracoat without damaging the finish underneath if possible? I didn't Duracoat it, it came with it and I wanna make it original again. I can't find anything on the Internet, any help would be appreciated
  8. DIY Projects and Builds
    Hey all, Few questions about duracoat... First, can you use it on the inside of a action??? I'm redoing a neglected and abused Marlin 336. I have everything bead blasted and ready to finish. Can I spray the inside of the action without it messing anything up??? I already have the chamber and...
1-8 of 10 Results