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  1. Motorcycles
    The morning met my criteria of dry and above 35°F so I took the motorcycle today and did see another biker going eastbound on the LIE. Who else road today?
  2. Veterans and Military
    With all there is to distract folks today I pray that youngins especially learn about and remember our shared heritage. There are still old guys who lived and fought thru one of the most horrific battles of mankind. On a cold European day my dad who was a medic there, described how in just hours...
  3. Vendor Deals
    Hello everyone! Jiffy Junk is a full service junk removal company. (we provide all of the labor). Current special for 15 cubic yards (Full Load) $530 for general household items.
  4. Chit-Chat
    Yep my favorite Holiday is Tuesday Dec. 15 it's Bill of Rights Day or aka 2 amendment day !! https://www.theadvocates.org/december-15-celebrate-bill-rights-day/ Fly those flags ......
  5. Veterans and Military
    Remembering all those who sacrificed their lives for their Country on December 7th, 1941 - 74 years ago, today.
  6. Pets Pets Pets
    It's the best and most rewarding thing I've ever done. It's inconceivable how such a sweet little thing could be abused by somene. My Maltapoo is just so affectionate, smart, and appreciative and doesn't ask for anything more than a warm home, a clean bed, and to be fed. So I started thinking...
  7. Open Firearm Discussions
    http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/01/07/fbi-december-gun-sales-skyrocket-2-3-million-background-checks-conducted/ by AWR HAWKINS7 Jan 2015136 The FBI's December figures show 2.3 million background checks for gun purchasers were conducted in one month alone. That is an increase of...
  8. Voting Polls!
    Vote hereEntry #12128.00%Entry #21216.00%Entry #31621.33%Entry #4912.00%Entry #568.00%Entry #6810.67%Entry #734.00%
  9. AR - [Rifles]
    Hey all, First time gun owner and first forum post. Great forum - lots of good advice here, thanks all who share their knowledge. I picked up an AR15 from Bensons the other day, Windham AR-15, I'm generally pretty happy with it - no complaints so far. It came with a 10 round mag that's...
  10. Chit-Chat
    I just read this article and was wondering some of your thoughts on it. i'm going to hunt down the editorial now http://news.yahoo.com/guns-ammo-editorial-controversy-203042117.html
  11. Out of State Crimes
    Read Judge Young's stinging comments at the terrorist's sentencing...... http://www.snopes.co...ox/shoebomb.asp
  12. Firearm Ban & Recent Events
    So I've been paying attention to the words being spoken by many of the gun control leaders (Biden, Obama, Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg, etc) since the horrible events in Colorado and Connecticut. First it started with… "why do you need…" garbage. Which really is an interesting...
  13. Chit-Chat
    Jetro / Restaurant Depot Customers Credit Cards Hacked!!Seems to be the second time this has happened that we are aware of.From the letter:Actions we have taken: We initially learned on December 4th 2012 that some of our customers in some of ur stores had experienced credit card fraud after they...
  14. Official LIF Courses
    Could not make the last one!any in the near future?Thanks
  15. Motorcycles
    if you ride a motorcycle (or not) Rolling Thunder Cycles at 220 front st. hempstead, ny is having their x-mas/holiday customer appreciation party saturday december 15th, 2012 starting about 11:00am-3:30pm. there will be food, a customers choice ride in bike show (weather permiting), raffle...
  16. Knives / Swords
    As an encouragement to become a donated member... LIF Martial Blade Concepts Seminar - For Donated Members Place: Protection Fitness School of Self-Defense, 21 W. Nicholai Street, Hicksville, NY 11801 Date: Saturday, December 1st, 2012 Time: Noon ~ 4:00pm Cost: Free...
1-16 of 18 Results