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  1. NY Specific Discussions
    In TV commercials, Schumer was supporting Daniel Squadron for NYC public advocate, "as the one who wrote the NY SAFE act". Well he lost the runoff election! I'm sure that opposition the the unSAFE act had nothing to do with it, it's nice to know he is GONE (for now).
  2. AR Rifles
    I just got done with a new configuration on a CMMG lower I got before the madness started I used a CORE 15 rifle LPK (really tight kit) I put a Troy Rear Sight, and Troy HK style front sight I topped everything off with a EoTech XPS 2 with gg&g flipup covers courtesy of: jetsfan1228 I got a...
  3. AR Rifles
    I just pulled the trigger on one of these guys http://www.midwayusa.com/product/492851/daniel-defense-barrel-ar-15-556x45mm-nato-s2w-contour-mid-length-gas-port-1-in-7-twist-18-hammer-forged-nitride-finished-chrome-moly-black-pre-ban
  4. AR Rifles
    I came across this article on xdtalk last night and it got me thinking, for the prices that some people are asking for entry level AR's on armslist/gunbroker you can buy a DD for around the same price and get a much higher quality rifle. I rarely see discussion about DD on this forum so before I...
  5. AR Rifles
    I just received this BCG from surplus ammo and the fit and finish is perfect. Shipped and at my door for $206. I think they still have them in stock too!!
  6. AR Rifles
    So I received my lw barrel. It's pretty light and everything about it is immaculate aside from the crown, which looks pretty terrible compared to what I'm used to seeing on target barrels and hunting rifles. I'll work on a pic later on today, but is this usual for hammer forged...
  7. Open Firearm Discussions
    145$ in stock. Buy em while you can. Theyll be gone quick. https://delta3tactical.com/store/cart.php?suggest=50bab3c8b5bcd
1-7 of 7 Results