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    I was at IKEA this past Saturday and saw a woman dressed in a full black Burka getting out of a car just slits for her eyes. It was the creepest thing i have seen in a while. It was like a holloween costume. What strange custom. My blood pressure went up like 10 points. Your in the USA.
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    I have a feeling he dresses up as Santa for the holidays, this guy has no filters. http://time.com/3712...-biden-whisper/
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    From Instapundit: "A swearing-in featuring Joe Biden is gaffe-porn, when both the Vice President's best and worst are on full display. It's when Biden is in his truest form-"unleashed," as they say-and the chamber is his stage. But are these really just "aw, shucks, dad" moments, another...
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    Spotted a member at Riverhead Walmart around mid-day. The truck was there when I pulled in, but not when I left. Were you the gentleman with the 3 boys at the ammo cabinet? I was the small Gollum-like creature that was poring over the ammo cabinet and talking to myself about .22. I did not want...
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    http://www.upi.com/O.../1921413565012/ Anyone aware of this clownish activity on LI yet? If I recall correctly there was some activity on Staten Island some months ago. Keep an eye out for Pennywise, he is trouble. WARNING: If your scared of clowns do not watch
1-7 of 8 Results