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  1. NYS and NYC Discussions (licensing/laws)
    I live in a "renewable" licensing area-Nassau County. I have a question concerning the "re-certification" of "upstate" licenses. There was a case where a licensee possessed a "lifetime" license that was unrestricted. He amended his license several times, adding or deleting pistols without a...
  2. Reloading
    Okay, i started reloading about 1 year ago, I started with just 9mm and .223. I have the lee loadmaster which now i keep set for 9mm it is a POS it works but not as advertised the setup time tinkering to change calibers is a nightmare. However I have it set for 9mm and its running flawless so im...
  3. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
    Is an HK 940 considered an assault weapon in NY?
  4. Suffolk County (licensing/laws)
    I have a newbie question for you guys about carrying to and from the range. How concealed does my firearm need to be? The reason i ask is that I have a outside the waistband holster for my Glock 19. Its Ok this time of year because I have a couple of sweatshirts and my Carhart jacket on. But...
  5. Open Firearm Discussions
    Is this sentiment based soley on the lower cost per round (generally)? Lately, I have seens LGS sporting .20 cents per round as a good deal.
  6. AR - [Rifles]
    I'm doing a post safe build that doesn't need to be registered and had a question about an upper with a pinned and welded flash hider... Is that still considered featureless or is there anything new about that and no matter if its pinned/welled or not, is it not legal as "featureless" anymore...
1-6 of 8 Results