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  1. Competition Corner
    Hello, I am Captain of the Xavier High School 10 Meter Air Rifle Team. I am in search of schools with a (.177) 10 Meter Air Rifle Team. I am hoping to find schools to compete with. In the past years my school used to go to several competitions each year, however the past two years we have...
  2. Competition Corner
    What competitions are available for .22lr rifle? Does anyone on long island offer speed steel? Or silhouette shooting? Anything else? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Finally decided the next gun on my list is a Colt Government Competition 9mm. (I want to upgrade 1911-style 9mm from a Star Super B. It's new, comes with a bunch of good stuff, and seems reasonably priced. Wondering, however, has anyone tried one? My LGS just got one in on trade and I'll be...
  4. Competition Corner
    Thought share some of your guys rigs. Here is mine, for USPSA Production. Still tweaking with the mag pouches since they are super tight.
  5. Break Action Shotguns
    I have been using my Franchi Intensity, which has been great but my thumb is destroyed if we shot a ton of clays. I shot 300 rounds today with the new automatic Trap/skeet thrower I bought and I have really gotten the bug. I have learned fast and really gotten into the sport. So the next step...
  6. Break Action Shotguns
    I picked up the stoeger condor competition over under in 12g. After a long frustrating  couple of days calling local and distant gun shops it turned out to be a 90 day back order from Brazil. I called cabelas who had one in there chatawooga NY store. They sold it to me over the phone and shipped...
  7. Break Action Shotguns
    Does anyone have any feedback on one. Im looking at a used one that is pretty mint condition but have mixed reviews on line. I'm looking to buy it because it cheep and for sporting clays and trap. If it falls or gets dirty or scratched I will not lose any sleep over it.
  8. NYS and NYC Licensing/Laws Discussions
    So when shooting competitively in NY state, it's OK to load 10 rounds, but that's the max? You cannot use larger capacity magazines?
  9. Competition Corner
    Looking at the Double Alpha pro belt. I really like the velcro design and based on the specs it's easier to slide your gear on compared to the standard competition belt they sell. Anyone have? Reviews? What belts do you run in competitions?
  10. Competition Corner
    "Sgt. Tatyana Danylyshyn of the Canadian Scottish Regiment picked up top honors in international shooting competitions in both the U.S. and the UK in recent months. Danylyshyn, a reservist from Victoria, British Columbia who joined the Canadian Forces in 2002, won the Hager Hollon Trophy for...
  11. Competition Corner
    Introduce in very early age! and Like me, he too got the flinch... but still a working progress.
  12. Vendor Deals
    Anderson AR-15 20" - 1x8 twist - .223 Wylde Chamber Match Wilson Heavy Barrel Stainless Steel Test Fired by Jerry himself - 5 Shot Group at 100 yds. (see picture) (with custom handloads) A Real Tackdriver $995.00 --- Anderson AR-15 24" - 1x9 twist - .223 Chamber DPMS Stainless Fluted Barrel...
  13. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Lets face it. Some of us are ....extra lovable! Most everyone could stand to loose a few pounds. Except McFly...he's dreamy... So, no, I haven't been watching reruns of The Biggest Loser. Never even seen the show, but the concept is the same. One of the places where I worked in the past...
  14. Competition Corner
    http://www.guns.com/...ition-shooters/ 3 habits tactical shooters can learn from competition shooters 6/17/15 | Opinion by Jeffrey Denning Competition shooters-I believe that the tactical shooting community should always be keeping an eye on this group. Top ranked shooters who participate in...
  15. Semi-Auto Handguns
    STI introducing two IPSC competition 2011 pistols 4/23/15| by Max Slowik STI has added two new 2011 pistols to their catalog for Limited and Open competition shooters. (Photo: STI) Famed 1911 specialist STI is officially announcing two new high-end competition pistols designed for...
  16. Competition Corner
    i would like to get into competition shooting. i am totally new to it. do they have beginner competitions. any classes i can attend.i have not even attended a match but have seen some utube videos anyone doing one that i can attend and watch thanks
  17. Break Action Shotguns
    http://mygunculture.com/fnh-makes-a-competition-shotgun-the-fnh-sc-1-competition-overunder/ You are here: Home / Reviews / Gun Reviews / FNH Makes A Competition Shotgun? The FNH SC-1 Competition Over/Under FNH Makes A Competition Shotgun? The FNH SC-1 Competition Over/Under November 21...
  18. Other Handguns
    I have recently started to ccw my newly acquired m&p shield. I purchased an IWB holster from N82 and I'm currently trying to see where the holster fits best. Right now it seem the 4 o'clock position is best. My question is now about belts. I was advised in another thread to get a 5.11...
  19. Competition Corner
    I went to Gabreski to watch a competition last week and found it to be something that I'd like to get into. This brings up the question of where to practice. I honestly can't see developing much proficiency if I were to only shoot in the occasional competition(honestly, who has time to attend...
  20. Competition Corner
    Can you attach a regular belt slide holster on to these belts (http://www.midwayusa.com/product/2670117920/double-alpha-competition-double-belt-1-1-2-nylon?cm_vc=ProductFinding) ? Conversely, can I attach their mag holders...
1-20 of 39 Results