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  1. AR Rifles
  2. Semi-Auto Handguns
    New Grips from Wilson Combat Wilson Combat announced the release of several new pistol grip sets. Four of the grips are made of G10 and are designed for the Beretta 92 and 96 series handguns. One of the new grip sets is made of wood and designed for the 1911 platform pistol. Beretta Grips All...
  3. Open Firearm Discussions
    as title says.
  4. Semi-Auto Handguns
    "Wilson Combat made a custom cutaway 1911 for Larry Vickers. In the video below, you can see him shooting it in both full and slow motion. It is fascinating to watch the ejection begin after the hammer has fallen and the bullet is on its way downrange. This is a well put together video. I've...
  5. Semi-Auto Handguns
    http://wilsoncombat.com/new/handgun-texas-bbq-special.asp Introducing the Wilson Combat Texas BBQ Special: The great state of Texas is well known for the fancy fighting firearms worn by members of the elite Texas Rangers. These fully dressed-up carry guns, often hand-engraved are almost...
  6. Veterans and Military
    USMC Commandant Gen. Dunford tells the Secretary of the Navy that women Marines shouldn't be in combat roles (or integrated into infantry units) - a week before Dunford is to take over as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs........wow. I can only imagine that Gen. Dunford was pressured by this...
  7. Pump Shotguns
    If I was in the walking dead this is what I would want.
  8. All Other - Open Discussions
    http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/downtime/combat-archery-a-fun-new-way-to-play/vi-AAdlF6r Sorry no direct video link
  9. Open Firearm Discussions
    I started to watch this while eating dinner with my girlfriend and her friends. Then she ripped my headphones out of my ears and told me I was being rude. Just thought I will share if anyone has 45mins to kill. It does have some anti lines such as "low recoil a 12 year old can shoot it" or...
  10. NYC and NY State Crimes
    More Cops to Hit NYC Streets to Combat Growing Gun Violence: NYPD The NYPD, concerned by a more than 20-percent increase in murders this year and a 9-percent increase in shootings, is starting its "Summer All Out" program a month early. Checkey Beckford reports. (Published Monday, Jun 1, 2015)...
  11. Open Firearm Discussions
    Wilson Combat now offering financing on custom work The Hackathorn Special by Wilson Combat. A gun like his normally lists at $3,750; with the new payment plan, a gun with this kind of custom work can be had for around $100 a month. (Photo: Wilson) Wilson Combat is now offering financing on...
  12. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    So, shouldn't this satisfy our justification for a NYS Full Carry permit? And process it fast? Bratton said: http://www.weeklysta...sis_949304.html NYPD Chief Wants 450 Cops to Combat ISIS New York City police chief Bill Bratton is worried about ISIS. So worried, in fact, that he's going to...
  13. Veterans and Military
    NatGeo is running Inside Combat Rescue. These guys have a huge pair of BALLZ. This show gives you an idea what our boys are going through! God Bless them all!!!
  14. Open Firearm Discussions
    It's a little outdated but interesting to see what the firearm companies thought good ideas where back then. The H&K rifles magazine. That thing is looks like a PITA to carry and load. 25 years later and the military is still using the m16 platform. The ammunition they came up with was pretty cool.
  15. AR Rifles
    New Wilson Combat Camofluages Posted 2 hours by Nathan S. Expanding well past their ubiquitous 1911 line, Wilson Combat has released a new camouflage. Claimed to "blend well in many urban and rural environments." the new pattern is base colors with the outline of foliage and dusted lighter...
  16. Veterans and Military
    I saw this on Funker530. They have a great page which I've been following for years. They post a lot of funny military related stuff including a lot of gun stuff for those who don't know. Anyway they posted a stop motion video on their page. It's unbelievably done and I thought many of you...
  17. Veterans and Military
    "Female Marines now 0-26 on officer infantry course The failure of two Marine Corps officers to to pass the Jan. 8 first-day Combat Endurance Test of the infantry officer course brings the tally of female dropouts to 26. One more group of female officers will have a shot at graduation before...
  18. Competition Corner
    Hi does anyone shoot at there matches. I'm looking to complete and I would like to find out more about it MOLON LABE
  19. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Wilson Combat and "]Beretta Team to Offer 92G Brigadier by Nathan S. Wilson Combat has been expanding its offerings for the Beretta 90-series handguns. Their latest offering is a direct partnership on the 92, the 92G. While externally similar to the production 92, the 92G's ambi safety levers...
1-19 of 53 Results