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  1. Cigar Lounge
    Hello gentlemen, I figured fellow cigar afficinados may be able to answer this question for me. I bought a personalized humidor for my best man for my upcoming wedding. The seam back by the hinge appears wider then any other humidor I own (see attached photo). The company assures me it is...
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  3. Cigar Lounge
    Yes, the same company Tonto posted saying they were giving out FREE Monte Cristo lighter,humidifier, clipper set with no purchase necessary. Well, told them I would def do business in future and I did. I ordered some Romeo Y Julieta Reserve churchills for my FIL for Christmas and, well, they...
  4. Cigar Lounge
    Bring back LIF BOTL forum?Yes4295.45%No24.55%
  5. Cigar Lounge
    Hi all, I noticed there hasn't been a lot of recent cigar talk here. Now that the deep freeze has set in, does anyone have the scoop on a nice comfortable cigar lounge on the Island? I know some are members only while others welcome anyone who buys a stick in their shop. I'd love to hear about...
  6. Cigar Lounge
    I lit up a maduro torpedo Nub. Looked good seemed to fit into the time I had before anyone missed me. It was a nice smoke. Short, fat nice dark maduro wrapper lots of smoke easy draw, BUT IMHO not worth the price paid. There are better cigars for the money.
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    Smoking. Yes? No?Are you a smoker?[Cigarette] Yes - pack a day69.38%[Cigarette] Yes - pack a week23.13%[Cigarette] Yes - pack a month00.00%[Cigars] - Yes (1+ a day)23.13%[Cigars] - Yes (1 a week)710.94%[Cigars] - Yes (1 a month)34.69%No never46.25%Quit 1+ years ago (cigs)69.38%Quit 5+ years ago...
1-8 of 10 Results