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  1. Semi-Auto Handguns
    $289 http://www.sportsman...2.cfm/ID/148326
  2. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    where is the best $ place to get ammo transfer done in Long island?
  3. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Tanners Sport Center has them for $229. They are listed on their facebook page. Their website is also linked below. https://www.facebook.com/TannersSportCenter?fref=ts http://tannerssportcenter.com
  4. Semi-Auto Rifles
    10/22 Stainless Takedown with Kryptek camo stock on sale for $220.99. https://shop.whittakerguns.com/product/6457706
  5. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Hey Guys, no interested in doing an oil contract due to circumstances. Just want to pay for a delivery and call it a day. Need suggestions! Thanks!
  6. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I was looking to do the dollar shave club or Harry's, (sick of paying the insane prices at the stores)the reviews online said to skip them and order from dorcousa.com. Supposedly those places have the same razors as dorcousa and the reviews looked good. I ordered the 6 blade razor and am very...
  7. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Title says it all. Pistol noob here. Done a bunch of Google searches, but figures I'd see what the lif crew likes for good ammo for long days at the range. I went once, was using federal 9mm.. about a quarter a round. Just gimme some opinions!
  8. Survival/Disaster Planning and more
    So part of my INCH bag (which is in a different post) kit was to have maps. Now paper maps are always the way to go or so we are taught. Unfortunately paper maps are extremely impractical when it comes to packing a bag. You'll need a bunch of them if you want to head south but avoid major...
  9. Vendor Deals
    Only for those who mention LIF. This will not be on the shelf in the store, you have to ask for it by mentioning LIF. I just got a few cases of : Remington 9mm 147gr JHP High Terminal Performance (50rounds per box) At the crazy low price of $17.99 per box until it's gone. That's good HP self...
  10. Optics
    Before I can afford to replace the sights on my Ruger, I had to remind myself that I already own a cheap red-dot. It's a Tasco Red-Dot, that's currently mounted on a Crosman .22 air gun I built a few years ago. Would this thing fit on the factory rail that ships with the rifle? Do you think it...
  11. NYC and NY State Crimes
    admin, if this a dup, please delete it. Thx http://www.startribu...-nyc/332806711/ NEW YORK - A gunrunner who smuggled more than 100 weapons from Atlanta and Pittsburgh into New York City on cheap interstate passenger buses bragged about it in a cellphone call to his ex-girlfriend while...
  12. Open Firearm Discussions
    So this article popped up in my FB newsfeed....and I figured it was worthy of a click: http://www.outdoorhub.com/stories/2015/08/28/16-ludicrously-customized-cheap-guns/ Guess who made #8 on the list?!?! I pity the poor writers and editors of this listicle. -Vick
  13. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Saw prices as low as $445 on Gunbroker.com. DSI had them $499, CGT at $489......MSRP is $529??? M&P Shield can be had for $359 vs an MSRP of $449 How cheap will we eventually see the G43, and how long will it take? Seems like the G42 has settled around $400
  14. Gear Discussion
    I was in Aldi yesterday and was browsing through the cheap tools and things they randomly have and came across this light for $6.99. 140 lumens, with two settings, one of which is less bright but it doesn't say what the output is on that seeing. Tail cap on/off button. Focus by pulling on the...
  15. AR Rifles
    Looking to pick up 500-1000 rounds of steel cased .223. Need it before next Friday. Any LGS sell for under 30 cents a round? As of now walmart is my best bet. $5.47/20 rounds. Is that as cheap as it gets?
  16. DIY Projects and Builds
    found this wrap at the dollar store, and figured "what the hell, I'll try it". This is a lower I did in about an hour with 2 of the 8 sheets that came in the $1.00 package. (Mods please fix any upside down, crooked, or McFly pics)
  17. Home Security / Safes
    As requested I'm posting info on the home front door monitor I made up. Even though my front door has glass and side panels it's difficult to see who's out there...and impossible to see when a package is left on the bench by UPS or USPS. I used a 10" monitor that would be typically used in a...
  18. Vendor Deals
    Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ Bulk Ammo 500 Rounds $149.95 that's under $0.30/rnd A few cases in stock and a whole bunch more on the way http://www.dark-storm.com/federal-americal-eagle-9mm-luger-115gr-fmj-500-rnd.html
  19. Bolt Action Rifles
    Hey guys, So about 2 years ago when I first started getting into guns, my father in-law took me to TNT to get a good beginner rifle. I ended up getting the Savage Axis in 30-06 because it came with a scope already, was cheap (I think about $280 out the door), and seemed like a great first...
1-20 of 52 Results