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  1. Veterans and Military
    Very last minute I know but for anyone who can make it there will be a ceremony tomorrow morning at 1030 at the Northport VA. 70'ish Viet Nam veterans will receive a DoD medal for their VietNam service. Not many opportunities to salute or shake the hands of this many VN vets in one place for...
  2. Veterans and Military
    Received the following - Riders, we have once again been invited to stand for Veterans ,who but for the efforts of organizations like the American legion and catholic war veterans, would be interred in potters field. Little is known about these men, Joseph Bell served in the Navy during WW2...
  3. Veterans and Military
    Received the following - Members: Please see the mission details for this month's NOA mission below; The NOA Memorial Services for this month will be held on Mar. 11, 2015 @ 1000 hrs. in the Committal Area. This service is for those Veterans that were a direct burial during the previous...
  4. Open Firearm Discussions
    Some Maryland employees will be retained. http://www.guns.com/2014/09/01/beretta-to-open-tennessee-facility-within-a-year-of-projects-ground-breaking/
  5. Chit-Chat
    EAST MORICHES - Today marks 18 years since TWA Flight 800 exploded mid-air off East Moriches, killing everyone onboard. Many Long Islanders will never forget the images of the wreckage in the water or the months of searching for answers. All 230 people on board the plane died in the disaster...
  6. Chit-Chat
    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/11/19/ceremony-will-mark-150th-anniversary-gettysburg-address/ Of course, Obama declined the invitation. Text of the speech follows the story. GETTYSBURG, PA. - On the Civil War battlefield where President Abraham Lincoln gave a speech that symbolized his...
1-7 of 7 Results