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  1. AR Rifles
    does anyone know if a standard 223 bolt catch roll pin will fit in a dpms 308 lower?
  2. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I've been out of touch for a couple of months so I log back on and I'm confused. This is the gist of what I have got by scanning the past few threads: 1. LIF sold the forum but not the club. 2. There is some kind of rush to delete accounts. 3. Canada is the new Giraffe. Any help?
  3. AR Rifles
    So I'm trying to remove the bolt catch roll pin. I've tried a 3/32 punch that I ground down like the one on brownells but I just bent the punch and cracked it off. I'm trying to drive it to the back towards the stock but it hasn't even budged. Any ideas before I take it to a gunsmith?
  4. Semi-Auto Rifles
    For those who have the ARES SCR with the optional bolt catch release have you found a good way to prevent it from falling out when you break the rifle down?
  5. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    From my "local" paper, the Seattle Times: 'Deadliest Catch' star Sig Hansen hospitalized in Anchorage http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/deadliest-catch-star-sig-hansen-hospitalized-in-anchorage/
  6. NYS and NYC Licensing/Laws Discussions
    He talks a good game regarding the 2nd Amendment and our rights. Even mentioned the Safe Act. Has anyone asked him why in HIS OWN district, we have an administrative restriction on our permits when the rest of NY can easily obtain a full carry? I really want to give him a call and get his answer.
  7. AR Rifles
    I'm a newbie...go easy on me I have fixed mag ar15... First, I brought it in to check my gun cuz bolt catch jammed and it covered the warranty-They took care of it. I went to range first time today ( damn too hot) w/ xm855 55gr 5.56 and...it does it again argh...after 53 rds. Bolt catch...
  8. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    As I sit here watching the coals die down from our fire tonight (fire safety first), I'm still taken aback by what happened. Mind you I'm still fresh off the whole flag debacle with our neighbor a couple doors down. (Sorry if you don't know the story, use the search I just cant go into it now)...
  9. AR Rifles
    Please go easy on me haha. I'm planning to order mag. Catch assembly and safety selector kit for spike lower. There's so many varies price...from 7.99 to $80 What's the most important? Billet ? Forging ? What's to avoid ? PSA is the cheapest but how's the quality ?? It's my first build...
  10. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Anyone here successfully remove a damaged/ stuck LR308 Bolt Catch screw ? I ordered a Phase 5 Ambi Bolt Release and I cannot, with the tools readily available to me, remove the screw. The head is stripped and it is a difficult spot to work in. I tried a number of work arounds but it is not...
  11. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    If you saw that play give me a break this instant reply I don't care... how the hell do you call that incomplete.  That was no way incomplete the rules are out of control just like NYS
  12. Out of State Crimes
    Even the pastors don't mess around in Texas. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/09/22/pistol-packing-pastor-helps-catch-robbery-suspect/
  13. AR Rifles
    See photo. I need the "detent" at the bottom middle black item in the photo. Can anyone help??? This is an emergency.
  14. Home Security / Safes
    Sorry if this is in the wrong section... Lately on my block (I live on a dead end) Someone has been going to everyones cars and trying to open the doors and when they find a car that's open they go thru the car and steal everything. 3 or 4 navigations have gotten stolen including my moms...
  15. Gear Discussion
    Regular Price: $24.99 Sale Price: $12.99 Online Only Price - limited time offer. Price may vary in stores and catalogs. I just received one great fir the range or travel, worth $12.99 yea..................... key word Catch all gear bag.
1-17 of 31 Results