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  1. Vendor Deals
    We just received some of these full size 1911s without the threaded barrel. These are $314.95 +tax
  2. Out of State Crimes
    Per Fox News 2:31PM Reported by local FD and confirmed by Sherrif's Dept. Active shooter. Now 20 "victims". Local SWAT team on scene in "stand-off", story developing
  3. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
    http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/springfield-m1a-standard-ca-compliant-semi-automatic-308-winchester-centerfire-ma9106ca-706397019068?a=1808456 Or does it still need a Smith Enterprise muzzle cover with some red loctite?
  4. Chit-Chat
    So close to manslaughter: http://abc7.com/news/video-drivers-get-in-fist-fight-in-apparent-road-rage-incident/774932/
  5. Ask a question [Uniformed Services]
    Saw this on Turner Classic Movies channel this morning and was wondering if much has changed over these many years since this was produced... Contains dramatized footage of striking workers and civil disturbances; shots of San Quentin Prison; sequences of police tear gas training sessions.
  6. Out Of State Licensing
    http://therighttobear.com/californias-new-gun-law-literally-impossible-to-comply-with/?utm_source=140814RTB&utm_campaign=140814RTB Guns that don't possess this technology are now outlawed for sale in Ca. Topics been around but me thinks it's finally made for real. It sticks, NYS won't be far...
  7. Out of State Crimes
    Those cowards took 3 females hostages and used them as human shields as they shot it out with Police. http://news.msn.com/crime-justice/3-dead-after-california-bank-robbery-gunbattle
  8. Open Firearm Discussions
    ...during an apparent attempted home invasion. He was shot several times in his upper body, by the alleged bad guys, but reportedly also shot at least two of the suspects. He killed one of them and wounded another. and was shot by suspects but also shot at least two of the several suspects -...
  9. Open Firearm Discussions
    Unbelievable! You cant make this stuff up. California senator Leland Yee arrested on gun trafficking charges. This was Piss Morgan's go to guy for going after legal gun owners. The hypocrisy is killing me!! http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?id=9481634...
  10. NY Microstamping Discussion (#1157A)
    http://www.foxnews.c...due-to-gun-law/ A new gun law proponents say helps law enforcement has driven Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger out of California, and affirmed the suspicions of firearms rights advocates that the measure is really about making handguns obsolete. The two companies have...
  11. Nassau County (licensing/laws)
    does anyone know if I can buy this living in Nassau county ? its cali legal and was told that it was legal here as well. Windham Weaponry CA OK R16M4FTT-CA 556 10RD NEW
  12. The Welcome Mat
    Hello everybody! I'm a new member here and recently decided to get my NYC handgun license. I'm currently gathering all of the required paperwork which isn't easy if you live in 2 states! In the meantime I'm just doing my research on the guns I plan to buy, picking the safe, the safety glasses...
  13. Chit-Chat
    Kids were having a sleepover... 12/22/2012 - SACRAMENTO, CA A robbery suspect was shot and killed during a home invasion robbery in Sacramento's Pocket neighborhood early Saturday morning. According to Officer Doug Morse, a homeowner, a robbery suspect and two other people were in...
1-13 of 18 Results