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  1. Optics
    with AR riser. low cost 3MOA red dot that can take hammering. $79.99 free shipping http://www.midwayusa...yle-mount-matte
  2. Optics
    http://www.amazon.co...d=ATVPDKIKX0DER Some people were interested in this deal.
  3. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
    New Bushnell Rubicon Flashlights Richard Johnson Bushnell announced the addition of two new Rubicon flashlights to the company's catalog. One is a 250 lumen light, while the second is a 500 lumen light. Both are rechargeable via USB. The T500R uses a CREE LED and is rated at 500 lumens. No...
  4. Optics
    I was looking into purchasing the BUSHNELL AR OPTICS 1-4X 24MM THROW DOWN PCL for my DSI AR-15. What are you views/ thoughts on it? I found it on Palmetto State Armory for $150.
  5. Optics
    I ordered it from Tiger Outfitters about 10 days ago and it arrived in about a week. I heard good things about it and it is now mounted on my Ruger Mark III Target just waiting for a trip to the range once the weather gets warmer. They still had it at $49.99 which is a heck of a price. They...
  6. Optics
    If anyone has any pending rebates through Bushnell et al. follow up immediately once you get your confirmation email or denial notice. It may be the difference between getting your money back or not through your own inaction, if not severely delayed. I have a $30 rebate pending. Postmarked the...
  7. Optics
    Just ordered one from PSA, 45$ shipped!! I don't know what I'll but it on, but I had 50$ to blow. I rember Mcfly stood behind bushnell scopes, so it has to be decent. Anyway 49.99 free shipping on PSA, enter code "bushnell10" for an additiononal 5$ off...
  8. Optics
    Anyone have this scope? Looking to put it on a muzzle loader. Any input?
  9. Open Firearm Discussions
    Alliant Techsystems agreed on Thursday to buy Bushnell Group Holdings, a top maker of gun accessories like rifle scopes, for $985 million in cash.Bushnell's ownership will move from the private equity firm MidOcean Partners to Alliant, an aerospace and defense contractor commonly known as ATK...
  10. Optics
    Six New Bushnell Scopes for AR Rifles Bushnell recently announced the addition of six (6) new riflescopes for AR-style rifles. All scopes have variable magnification. The configurations are: 1-4x 24mm (two variations, one with illuminated reticle) 2-7x 32mm (rimfire version) 3-9x 40mm 3-12x...
  11. Optics
    Just heard from Bushnell and they are replacing my old Armor Sight with a brand new Bushnell Elite. He said it's their top of the line. Anyone have any experience with these? Is it any good?
1-12 of 14 Results