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  1. Chit-Chat
    I'm in Point Lookout and see major smoke
  2. Chit-Chat
    Not only extinguished the flame set by the animal protestors, but the cops ceremonially folded the flag. https://www.facebook...53806895594614/
  3. Chit-Chat
    3 Long Islanders, former Marine David Gurfein and 2 Great Neck South HS Teachers (John Motchkavitz and Mike Passuello) traveling home on the palisades tpk in NJ early morning Oct 11 risked their own lives to pull 3 people from a burning car. Right after the 3 were extricated from the car it...
  4. Out of State Crimes
    It's ok to burn US flag but not Gay flag?? mmmm..... http://www.ketv.com/news/gay-flag-burning-suspect-released-on-own-recognizance/31607078 OMAHA, Neb. -In court Tuesday, a Douglas County judge released a hate crime suspect on his own recognizance. ATTORNEY SAYS CLIENT DID NOT COMMIT...
  5. Veterans and Military
    Seems like this might be of interest to some Veterans, also..... Cop haters plan flag-burning rally at NYC park http://nypost.com/20...ly-at-nyc-park/ June 30, 2015, 5:20 PM An anti-NYPD activist group is organizing an American flag burning event in a Brooklyn park Wednesday night - just three...
  6. NYC and NY State Crimes
    Activists Plan to Burn American Flags in New York City Ahead of Fourth of July. A group calling for the immediate disarmament of the New York Police Department plans to burn American flags in a Brooklyn park on Wednesday, just days before the Fourth of July holiday. "Disarm NYPD" announced the...
  7. DIY - Home Improvements - More
    Does anyone have any experience with buying and or installing a woodburning stove to heat a house. Was looking into it and am confused as to where to buy make model installer and so fourth. Thanks guys
  8. DIY - Home Improvements - More
    Any advice where I can get a truck load of seasoned firewood for a good price? We don't have a lot of money to burn this year and I'm willing to drive/load myself; your best suggestions please.
  9. Chit-Chat
    So despite all the work I did finding, gathering, cutting, splitting, hauling and stacking wood this past year, I've run low enough, and my store of overflow wood is buried in a modified holzhausen about 7 feet tall with uncured wood that I had to buy 2 cords of firewood. I looked around on...
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    Is anyone burning in your stove yet? I know this week temps are going to drop a bit. I have yet to turn up the heat, but I know the wife is going to ask for it soon. I am trying to go as long as I can without turning on the boiler, and hopefully do only wood. Last year we were at about 200...
  11. Chit-Chat
    www.nydailynews.com/news/national/heroic-iowa-saves-man-burning-car-article-1.1286019 Click the link for the video. Heroic Iowa cop saves man from burning car after crash in snowy church parking lot A fearless Iowa cop smashed the window of a burning car and pulled an unconscious 18-year-old...
  12. Chit-Chat
    So with the Lil Wayne flag stomping fiasco, I figured this would accent the topic in a sense that is similar. I watched Lil Wayne step all over the flag, and on the suggested video list, this video above was there. I watched it, and shook my head. Went to check out his other videos and I...
  13. Chit-Chat
    Just moved into my new house. It has a brick fireplace. I am looking to install a wood burning stove insert or maybe just set up a regular standing wood stove. Does anybody care to inform me of what work is involved? Will I need to install a liner in the chimney since its brick and mortar? Is...
  14. Chit-Chat
    not sure who else saw this but its pretty horrible
  15. Chit-Chat
    Since I'm doing some renovations to the house, I've decided it's time to install a wood burning stove in the living room. I'm tired of oil bills, and when I think of all the good oak I've given away through the years... Can anyone give some insight on what brand, what kind of cash I should...
1-15 of 15 Results