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  1. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
  2. Vendor Deals
    Hunter Sports Is Proud To Announce We Are Long Island's First And Only Authorized Stocking Dillon Precision Reloading Dealer!! Why Wait For Shipping From Arizona?!?!?! Full - Line Stocking Dealer In Stock Presses, Case Feeders, Primer Fillers, Dies, Caliber Conversion Kits & More In Addition...
  3. Open Firearm Discussions
    FYI...Just happened to be in Dicks this morning as they opened. I counted 8 5K cases of Rem golden bullet 22lr sku 21276. Remington .22 Long Rifle High Velocity 40gr. Round Nose Ammunition
  4. Reloading
    Yes bullets, not loaded ammo but dead weight huge profit for them bullets. I just read on another forum that a man in New Mexico had his shipment of Hornandy .224 75gr BTHP bullets confiscated by the post office because then now consider projectiles to be ammunition. Has anyone else heard of...
  5. Out of State Crimes
    http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/03/29/woman-shoots-intruder-runs-out-of-bullets-plans-to-use-bigger-gun-next-time/ Woman Shoots Suspect, Runs Out of Bullets, Plans to Buy 'Another Gun' 0 4 AP Photo/David Duprey by AWR Hawkins29 Mar 2016117 Over the weekend, a...
  6. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Wondering how many pistols folks take to a "normal" range session and how many rounds you shoot through each one each time. I've got some real nice pistols (I think) and I like shooting them all. But I'm wondering if I'd do better shooting fewer pistols more often. I shoot for fun not for...
  7. Out of State Crimes
    PandM posted this 2 weeks ago: Capt. Higgins is back. Calls out gang members. http://www.longislandfirearms.com/forum/topic/149723-capt-higgins-is-back-calls-out-gang-members/page__hl__%20clay%20%20higgins Now comes this: "Captain Clay Higgins, the iconic Louisiana law enforcement officer who...
  8. Jokes and more Jokes!
    http://www.theonion.com/article/environmental-study-finds-air-in-chicago-now-75-bu-36407 CHICAGO-Highlighting increasingly dangerous conditions within the city, a new study published Monday by Northwestern University's Department of Environmental Studies revealed that approximately 75 percent...
  9. Open Firearm Discussions
    Found this link on another forum... U.S. military switching from FMJ to HP 9mm rounds? http://bearingarms.com/u-s-military-makes-monumental-shift-hollowpoint-pistol-ammunition/
  10. Reloading
    anyone here cast there own bullets. what equipment would you recommend i am thinking of trying it in the future also what kind of mask do you wear.
  11. Reloading
    Started pulling my 45 cal reloads after my glock exploded. Was using the hornady bullet puller . Pulled about 200 and it broke. So reloaded those 200 and ordered the rcbs bullet puller. Much more durable then the Hornady. Ups delivered it today and I pulled the rest of the bullets. That was a...
  12. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    http://time.com/3852085/dog-eat-bullets-veterinarian-rifle/ What did Mick say in Rocky? You're gonna eat lightning and crap thunder
  13. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Why do flat point bullets not work well in glocks. If you were to change the barrel to a wolf barrel I know you can shoot uncoated lead bullets but would you be able to shoot wadcutters or fp bullets
  14. Reloading
    I'm looking for bullets in 9mm and 45acp. Range I'm at won't let me shoot lead rounds, just plated. Can someone recommend a place? Thanks guys.
  15. Reloading
    Looking for heads to reload .357 sig, pretty hard to find. Came across a company falcon bullets wondering if anyone has used them and are they any good.  They are truncated 125 gr. lead .   Thanks
  16. Open Firearm Discussions
    http://nation.foxnews.com/2015/01/20/marines-developing-super-bullets Marines Developing Super-Bullets Facebook Twitter Share Email By Stephen Gutowski, Washington Free Beacon The Marines are on the verge of finalizing a new super bullet for their sniper teams. The .50-caliber round is...
  17. NYC and NY State Crimes
    Bullets found on Ichabod Crane school bus Small-caliber rounds are found on two occasions Bob Gardinie, Times Union By Bob Gardinier Updated 8:17 pm, Tuesday, December 16, 2014 Ichabod Crane school district officials and local police are investigating the discovery of small-caliber...
1-18 of 57 Results