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  1. Semi-Auto Shotguns
    Need help with my Remington 1100 12ga. The bolt keeps jamming shut when a round is in the chamber. When there's nothing in it it cycles fine but when I put a round in it jams and is really hard to get open. I've taken it apart, cleaned it and it still jams. The round looks like it's getting some...
  2. Bolt Action Rifles
    MOSSBERG MVP LIGHT CHASSIS/VORTEX HS-T SCOPED COMBO BLUED/TAN 5.56MM 16.25-INCH 10 RDS I'm going to get involved in target shooting after long time I know other members have this so I'm going to assume its legal The description doesn't say the mag is detachable So this is what I want to know...
  3. Recalls
    "Accidental discharges are at the center of a recall issued Thursday by Thompson/Center Arms for its Compass model of bolt-action rifles. The gun maker said depending on the height and position of the Compass rifle, as well as other factors, a chambered round may fire if the long gun is...
  4. Bolt Action Rifles
    What is the AR of bolt action guns, in terms of building from a striped reciever?
  5. AR Rifles
    does anyone know if a standard 223 bolt catch roll pin will fit in a dpms 308 lower?
  6. AR Rifles
    I bought an SCR lower, and got the drop in bolt catch for it. I had it at the MDTS level 1 class, ran smoothly without a hitch for over 300 rounds. Had it at Brookhaven recently, and the bolt would only lock open after the last round about 50% of the time. Any ideas on what's causing this and...
  7. AR Rifles
    So I'm trying to remove the bolt catch roll pin. I've tried a 3/32 punch that I ground down like the one on brownells but I just bent the punch and cracked it off. I'm trying to drive it to the back towards the stock but it hasn't even budged. Any ideas before I take it to a gunsmith?
  8. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Don't waste your time or money modifying, learn to do it right (like I just did). https://1022companio...lt-lockrelease/
  9. Newbie's Unite!
    I'm thinking about buying a muzzle break for my bolt action rifle, would it be illegal to put the muzzle break on my rifle and use it at the range ?
  10. Newbie's Unite!
    I'm thinking about buying a muzzle break for my bolt action rifle, would it be illegal to put the muzzle break on my rifle and use it at the range ?
  11. Bolt Action Rifles
  12. Milsurp Rifles
    Well I was ordering some stripper Clips on amazon and saw this little peace of polysomethingorother. For 9 buck free shipping well I remembered how I like the one I put on my 10/22 so I said what the hell and order it. Here my install. Pretty small piece of poly use a spent case turn the...
  13. Bolt Action Rifles
    Apparently this is a common and problem and all the fixes I found were not solving my problem. Hoping someone here can help before I resort to a gunsmith. Took the bolt out to clean the rifle, separated the firing pin from the assembly to grease it. Safety went into the FIRE position from...
  14. Semi-Auto Rifles
    For those who have the ARES SCR with the optional bolt catch release have you found a good way to prevent it from falling out when you break the rifle down?
  15. Bolt Action Rifles
    Savage MkII and Marlin XT-22 both seem like solid choices, but I figured the collective might have a better choice.
  16. Bolt Action Rifles
    I have a savage 10 cambered in 308, I've been thinking about bedding the stock. I dropped the action in a HS stock, it doesn't sit in the stock very snug. Before I swap the HS stock out for a chassis, Id like to bed the HS stock. What product have you guys used or recommend? and anywhere I can...
  17. Bolt Action Rifles
    Hey all, my son has out grew the Stevens Cub .22 Bolt. I offered him a 10/22 but he says he likes the bolt action. Any suggestions on a good bolt action for him. I see what is on the market but it has been a while and I have no real experience with what is good. Thanks, Bill
  18. Bolt Action Rifles
    Wouldn't a bolt handle be better for a righty?
  19. Open Firearm Discussions
    Are bolt action rifles outdated? I have been looking to get a sniper rifle for my second rifle. It seems at one point bolt actions were much more accurate then automatic actions. Now technology advanced and it seems that they are now equally accurate. Is there a automatic version of the m2010...
1-19 of 135 Results