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  1. Open Firearm Discussions
    SIG's giving away mags and bags to P-series and 1911 buyers 5/01/15| by Max Slowik Thinking about getting a new SIG? Buy this month and get $100 in mags and swag. (Photo: SIG) SIG Sauer's giving away magazines to everyone who buys a centerfire "Classic" P-series pistol or any of their 1911...
  2. DIY Projects and Builds
    So took a little time today to make up a few range bags for the upcoming season at Calverton. Have been looking at picking up a Caldwell set but just couldn't see spending the money when I'm trying to put away for a Garand. So I decided to use some of the sewing skills my mother and wife have...
  3. Hunting - Open Discussions
    Just got my two bags from Diane they should hold 6 fully body geese or 12 ducks eachJust got my two bags from Diane they should hold 6 fully body geese or 12 ducks each
  4. Chit-Chat
    Interesting article from Megan McArdle on historical living standards. That sounds boring, but read the article. Today's social justice warriors just don't get it. http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-01-29/joni-ernst-s-bread-bags-and-economic-progress
  5. Chit-Chat
    NY Democrats seek citizen rights for illegal immigrants Illegal aliens in New York could score billions in Medicaid and college-tuition money - along with driver's licenses, voting rights and even the ability to run for office - if Democrats win control of the state Senate in November, the Post...
  6. Open Shout Out!
    I am sure this is just all a coincidence . I like having a long list like this available to remind me about democrat administrations. This list is on my wall. Looking for a similar list of high crimes and misdemeanors on the current administration. THE CLINTON BODY BAGS Food for Thought...
  7. Hunting - Open Discussions
    Alaska hunter bags world record breaking grizzly bear 5/06/14| by Brent McCluskey Larry Fitzgerald bagged this massive record-breaking grizzly bear during a hunt in Alaska last year. Boone and Crocket announced Friday that an Alaskan hunter set a record for the largest grizzly bear ever...
  8. Gear Discussion
    Any recommendation for a medium sized range bag for IDPA / USPSA? I usually use a UTG small tactical bag, but want something larger and sturdier. THX.
  9. Gear Discussion
    Regular Price: $24.99 Sale Price: $12.99 Online Only Price - limited time offer. Price may vary in stores and catalogs. I just received one great fir the range or travel, worth $12.99 yea..................... key word Catch all gear bag.
  10. Chit-Chat
    Ol Schmucky Chucky is already endorsing Hillary for president in 2016. Its pathetic that we will have to listen to more of the same for many years to come. Why cant we pick from a different batch of people instead of the same old politicians year after year.? Maybe we will get a real treat...
  11. Hunting - Open Discussions
    That's Indiana, not India. Last Thursday, a woman in Charlestown, Indiana and her boyfriend stayed up all night, armed with a rifle, to hunt down whatever it was that had been attacking small animals in her neighborhood. After spotting and shooting a creature prowling in the shadows by the...
  12. First Aid
    I was wondering if anyone keeps iv bags as part of their disaster prep. Due to surgeries in the past dehydration is a major concern for me. I was hospitalized twice last year due to dehydration. During sandy I took every precaution to stay hydrated but I kept thinking that it might be a good...
1-12 of 12 Results