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  1. Reloading
    Both of my manuals have no data for 6.5 Arisaka Does anyone have data or a website for same I would prefer ome IMR 4895 loads as I have a decent supply of same but will take what you got
  2. Bolt Action Rifles
    So I decided to buy this beautiful Arisaka rifle yesterday. I got it for $200 at Britt Arms in Mineola, with a REALLY nice wood stock and a shiny bore. I did some research and I'm pretty sure this was a Nagoya Arsenal rifle between 1939 and 1943. (not 100% about the date range), but I...
  3. Milsurp Rifles
    I have an Arisaka Type 99 short rifle for a while. Then I wanted a Type 38 long rifle. Japanese firearms are actually very interesting. There are many types and series even many collectors need to look at the reference book to make sure what exactly it is unless he is a genuine enthusiast...
  4. Milsurp Rifles
    Bought this carbine more than a year ago, until today I finally can start a thread to talk about it. The Japanese put serial numbers on each small part on their rifles. Even the firing pin is marked with a serial number. This carbine was listed as all matching with full mum. I believe members...
  5. Milsurp Rifles
    what type of arisaka is this a 99 or 44 or 38
  6. Milsurp Rifles
    So I know it's a little late to be asking for advice as I already bought the rifle, but information never hurt anyone. I bought this http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=331330604 Sounded like a good idea while sitting at the bar playing on my iPhone. Actually still think it...
  7. Hurricane Sandy Discussions
    Everyone is okay, which is the mot important part. The seals on the doors held, but the water came up right through the foundation. We're going to try to get back in an hour or so. Eating lunch in McDonalds so we have WiFi. The National Guard is checking ID's at Wellwood and Montauk Hywy...
1-7 of 7 Results