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  1. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
    Hey all, Have been wanting to share my experience with the Bear Flag Defense BF-10 for a while now. https://www.bearflagdefense.com/pages/bf-10 I've been using these the last several months and this is definetly a solid option for all you with fixed mag AR's. I was debating for a long time on...
  2. AR Rifles
    Wouldn't ship me a Rugger elite 452 trigger because the jig has a pistol grip. What B.S. it's not a lower and doesn't need to go through an FFL. Its a 2 Stage trigger assembly in a Jig. Found it at Joebob's for a couple dollars more and ordered from them. Will never buy from CTD again.
  3. Open Firearm Discussions
    apparently LWRC has been working on a magazine-less AR15 lower... http://www.alloutdoor.com/2014/01/20/lwrc-previews-ca-compliant-magazine-less-ar/
  4. AR Rifles
    Anyone out there familiar with Windham Weaponry NY Compliant AR15? Looking at one and wondering what the consensus might be.
  5. AR Rifles
    Looking for a simple way to store a spare 16" assembled upper with BCG but without accessories. It will be stored in a locked toolbox so it doesn't need padding but does need a sheath to ward off dust/scratches and hold a decessicant pack. Short of going into a well equipped camping or gun...
  6. Open Firearm Discussions
    I was just wondering what forum sponsors had the most reasonable FFL fees for receiving a AR-15 lower. I would like to give the business to a forum sponsor. Thanks in advance Paul
  7. AR Rifles
    About 5 years ago I purchased a Stag model 3 AR15. It hasn't been shot in about 5 years. My question- Is the rifle to dangerous to shoot? Thanks
  8. AR Rifles
    Most of the regulars know I am a very NEW newbie when is comes to any semi auto rifle platform. I have experience with bolt action 30-06 and shotguns. So this is very new territory from me. I did a review on jerrys firearms in the FFL section, since he did the transfer for us. Jerry was a class...
  9. Newbie's Unite!
    Why are AR 10 receivers so much more than a AR 15? they are more than double the price? the amount of extra metal used and it isn't that much if any.
  10. AR Rifles
    On right now ch24 cnbc. Americas gun: rise of the AR15
  11. AR Rifles
    So I had my first "modern" long gun out to the range for the first time….shot my S&W M&P AR15 Sport, and yes I hit the target but I made sure I got my money's worth from the paper…hitting it in lots and lots of places all over instead of just using that itty-bitty red spot in the...
  12. AR Rifles
    Bought my first AR-15 from DSI last week. I was extremely happy with my purchase. I ordered the DS-15 "4th of July special" on the DSI website. Although the deal was long over it happened to be listed and my order went through without any issues. The next day I got a call from Dark Storm, and...
  13. Law Enforcement
    Hello all, I just assembled a new AR15 service rifle. I want to possibly start shooting service rifle matches and some long range shooting with irons. I had some parts laying around and finally purchased the rest this past month. LRB Lower Anderson Upper w/M4 feed ramps Palmetto lower parts kit...
  14. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    Hey y'all! I just came back from visiting New York. I was there for fun, but also tried to check out some gun spots! I couldn't find any, what the?! Maybe I just didn't look around to well....Just that that was odd...
  15. AR Rifles
    One of the best explanations of zeros I've ever seen.
  16. AR Rifles
    Ok here it is as promised yesterday. Only ran into one problem, the gas block roll pin. Anderson lower Psa magpul crt lpk Joebob Outfitters upper DSI 16" Featureless carbine barrel Ares NIB BCG Trinity Force 12" hand guard 10/30 hex mags All that's left is to test fire it. Any recommendations...
  17. AR Rifles
    Just finishing my first build and I want to start another with a fixed mag so I can have all the evil features. Looking to see what my options are. I know DSI makes on but it's pricey for a stripped lower. Found this online https://www.armaglock.com/ Also this...
  18. Law Enforcement
    I ordered a DS-15 Typhoon and EO TECH exps3-2 sight,from Dark Storm Industries. I will give a short review of rifle and sight after a few trips to the range.
  19. AR Rifles
    Ok so I've heard this a few times but didn't really find out why.... Any of you running M16 BCG's on your AR15? What is the reliability difference?
  20. AR Rifles
    *sigh* PSA Freedom upper 1/7 twist 16in barrel, paired with PSA lower and PSA LPK. Shot more steel .223 cased ammo (sorry gents, but I can't stop buying it) today and had a lot of Failure to fires. Let's say out of 80 rounds, about 60 fired. Every time I loaded a mag, the fire round would fire...
1-20 of 112 Results