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  1. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
  2. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    I dropped off my application today in Nassau. I was given a fingerprint appointment on January 10th 2017. I'm not happy that it's so far away, but at the process is started.
  3. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    Dropped it off today fingerprint date of 1/6/17 - 7 months!?!
  4. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    Dropped off my app 1/6. Got finger printed 5/3. As of 5/6 they already called all my references and my job asking about me. Seems like it should fly by now.
  5. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    Dropped off my target permit application today got a fingerprint date of 8/10
  6. Digital Connection (computers / phones / tablets)
    which passport app is easiest to use ?
  7. Jokes and more Jokes!
    I hope this is a joke.... http://www.oncamera.co/ Seems to me like a 9mm would be a smidge more effective. How to Use The app www.oncamera.co
  8. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    Dropped off my app 1/7. Only person there. Every part filled out correctly and was given a may 3rd appointment for finger printing. What is the next step and wait time after the finger printing? I was in and out of the booth within 10 minutes.
  9. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    Just dropped off my app today 12/18 and received a mid-March date for prints... Long line at first but it moved quickly. Was in & out in an hour
  10. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    My wife finally handed in her pistol app.  Got a fingerprint date of Mar 16. Not bad compared to my year wait for fingerprints a few years ago.
  11. Open Firearm Discussions
    I ran across this app and thought folks might either have experience with it or could use it. Take a photo of the target on your iPhone and it scores the target. Looking for something similar for shotgun patterning... http://www.targetshootingapp.com/
  12. Video Gamers (PC / Console)
    "And the derpfest rages on. Apple has joined other retailers in boycotting the Confederate flag by removing Civil War games from the App Store. Apple's Tim Cook spearheaded the move. 'In a tweet, Cook called to honor the lives of the victims in last week's tragic South Carolina shooting by...
  13. Jokes and more Jokes!
  14. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Lol I also submitted my app today! I was kinda anxious cause I thought they would be a for the lack of a better work.. Hard asses... But it was the opposite! They were all very helpful and answers all my questions accordingly! Now the waiting game begins!! Also saw a guys putting a pair of...
  15. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Way too much to paste. Here's a link http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2015/04/03/3641075/app-wars-free-speech-online-harassment-gun-rights-debate/
  16. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    Fingerprints on June 11th...high noon. Now I just need to chase my references down to fill out their forms and get them notarized. Oh and and big shout out to Vick and Ron over ar at Volko for helping me out today. Jeff
  17. All Other - Open Discussions
    I was just at D.E.C. returning some equipment I had when I was there a learned about a new App "POCKET RANGER" this has every thing you need to know about hunting fishing and trapping you can report a poacher to reporting your newest ban from your latest duck you can buy your hunting/fishing...
  18. Digital Connection (computers / phones / tablets)
    I'm looking for an iPhone app and I don't even know if it exists. I want a password protected app where I can scan ID cards, health insurance cards, car insurance & registration cards and thin out my wallet a bit. Oh and ... I'd prefer it to be free. Does anyone know if such an app even exists?
  19. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    For my conceal carry permit. Did it Monday and it literally took 12 minutes. Moved to Chester county Pennsylvania last month and finally got around to dropping by the sheriff's office. Had no idea how long it would take so put 1 hour on the parking meter outside, came back with 48 minutes left...
  20. Law Enforcement
    So one of my partners at work gave me the name of an app some of you might already know of...It's called BrassBadger and it gives you real time stock for ammo at Walmart....you can download it from Google Play not sure if its compatible with Iphones....hope this helps!!!
1-20 of 48 Results